The MLV project is dedicated to the ending of 600 years of error and the traditions of men, to produce error-free textbooks.

Foreigners & Missionaries of the Good News

We have a special Modern Literal Version available to any missionary or preacher in any country but the USA, Canada and the U.K. in Print-ready format. You take the 2 files in which you download from here to any local print shop in town or the neighboring city and have them printed locally in your own country.

You should add $1 to the price to cover any expenses you might have.  Make sure once you have some printed to visit local bookstores in your area, any religious organizations, area churches, etc. We want you to have the world's most accurate and readable "Word of God." All that you have to do is send an email to MLVbible (at) gmail (dot) com to request the download links.  We will inform you wherever we have uploaded newer copies of these Print-ready copies.  Please share this page with anyone you know in your country, if you do not want to evangelize yourself.  Do not ask for money, or for us to ship Bibles to you, the email will be deleted immediately.

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