The MLV is only English Bible that ever made ways for you to make sure there are no mistakes in it.
The largest Bible project in English history, over a million proofreaders.
Open Source as in you (yes, you) can submit any correction that is not "Thus saith the Greek."  We want "Error-free."

The Modern Literal Version Standards

             We have often been plagued by those who are not willing to upgrade to a far superior translation of the Greek Bible into English– The Modern Literal Version.  The MLV theologians, have held themselves to have a higher standard for more accuracy (what saith the Greek), than the bible theologians of many versions that are in the book stores today.  It would serve those who use other versions of the Bible and teach from such, to start using the MLV for a more accurate study of God’s word.  The MLV Bible strives to be one hundred percent accurate in accordance to God and His original spoken word and the reader would serve themselves well to take the MLV and compare it to the Greek and see how accurate it really is.  Then, compare it to any version on the book shelves and see for themselves, the true meaning from God and His true word not tainted by man.  We can see through the reading of the MLV how accurate this Bible is, so accurate that those who try to stand against it, cannot. They have seen how diligent the MLV's accuracy is of the original Greek and the words of God which we find printed on the pages.  By stepping out of your current version into the MLV, the reader will be amazed how things are cleared up in scripture that were clouded before.  The MLV has achieved high standards, higher than all other versions on the bookshelf today. Purchase a MLV today and see what you are missing from the true word of God. Take the time to read the book.

Below are some achievements the MLV has over other versions of God’s word:


1.         Literal translation; (no paraphrase anywhere).

2.         Supplied words marked.

3.         Removal of man-made implanted ideas and doctrines.

4.         Verses used by many false religions to proof their doctrines whereas God does not.  The MLV sticks with “thus saith the Greek” in pleasing God to keep His original word from corruption.

5.         Each Greek word translated uniformly and accurately.

6.         Each English word uniformly rendered from a single Greek word or Greek word group.

7.         MLV is free in electronic formats.

8.         One million plus proofreaders and growing daily.

            The Modern Literal Version is like a concordance with links to the Greek Lexicon and Greek Concordance.  Any mistakes found in the MLV will be corrected immediately by the original Greek that we find making up God’s word.  Rest assured the reader is reading the true word of God and one that will guide them to eternity.  The question comes then, as to why would someone seeking God, not want to use the World’s Most Accurate Bible?

            Note: If a mistake is found in the MLV, email the recommendation to MLVbible (at) gmail (dot) com, and please the theologians and bible scholars make the necessary corrections using the Greek from the original time of Christ to continue to make the MLV an error-free Bible in English.


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