The MLV is only English Bible that ever made ways for you to make sure there are no mistakes in it.
The largest Bible project in English history, over a million proofreaders.
Open Source as in you (yes, you) can submit any correction that is not "Thus saith the Greek."  We want "Error-free."

E-SWORD MLV 2017 Update & Dictionary/Concordance/Greek Dictionary/Greek Concordance:
(Main info page with both downloads linked.)
(individual downloads)

Videos to show you how to use:

(Still rough, we hope to do better when time allows. Or better add lots more vids.)

MySword MLV 2017 Update:
Is an official download in 2017.

1. Directions on Windows PC.

1.  Unzip the wherever you can find the files.  Hold down CTRL, left click each file. Right click "blue" area and Left Click "Copy". 
2. Double click "My Computer (XP), Computer (Vista, Win 7, Win 8), This PC (Win 8.1)" icon from desktop or start menu.
(If your Win 8 has not been redone by a professional to be XP look & feel.  Press Windows Key + R to get to the RUN command, type in "explorer" press enter.)
3. Browse to your C Drive (C:) and then to:
C:\Program Files\e-Sword  OR C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword
In the e-Sword folder Right Click and Left Click "Paste".  Overwrite if asked. IF you have MLV(2014) or other versions you will need to Left Click ONCE then hit delete on the keyboard to remove them or else the new MLV 2015 file will not work. (In e-Sword it is labeled "MLV 2015" in the Bibles Tab.)

After you download the files you have to cut and paste them into your e-Sword folder.  (Remove MLV(2014).dctx if there already.)

2. Directions using the e-Sword Module installer (download here)
1. Double click or click RUN at the end of the download to install the program. Nothing really happens but you will have a new menu item called "e-Sword Module Installer".
2. Now when you double-click on any raw e-Sword file like MLV.bblx or MLVDC+G.dctx a dialogue box will come up to install the file into your e-Sword folder.
3. How to set all this up for the ultimate word study  (directions with pretty screenshots).

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