Hebrews 2

1 Because of this, it is essential to take-heed even-more to the things which were heard, lest we might drift away. 2 For* if the word that was spoken through the messengers became steadfast and every transgression and disobedience* received a just reward; 3 how will we flee, having neglected so-great a salvation, which having received at the beginning was spoken through the Lord, which was confirmed to us from those who heard it? 4 God was testifying together with them, both by signs and by wonders and by various powers and by distributions of the Holy Spirit, according to his own will. 5 For* he did not subject the future inhabited-earth to messengers, concerning what we are speaking. 6 But a some writer thoroughly testified somewhere, saying, 'What is man, that you remember him? Or the son of man, that you visit him? 7 You made him a bit of something inferior less than the messengers. You crowned him with glory and honor. {T} And stood him over the works of your hands. 8 You subjected all things underneath his feet. ' {Psa 8:4-6} For* in that he subjected all things to him, he left nothing which is not subject to him. But we now do not yet see all things having been subjected to him. 9 But we see Jesus who has been made a bit of something inferior, less than the messengers, having been crowned with glory and honor, because of the suffering of the death he underwent, *that in the grace from God, he should taste of death on behalf of everyone. 10 For* it was suitable for him, because of whom are all things and through whom are all things, having led many sons to glory, to complete the author of their salvation through sufferings. 11 For* both he who is making him holy and those who are made holy are all from one. Because of which case, he is not ashamed to call them brethren, 12 saying, 'I will be proclaiming your name to my brethren, in the midst of the congregation* I will be singing hymns to you. ' 13 And again, 'I will have confidence in him. ' And again, 'Behold, here I am and the children whom God gave me. ' {Psa 22:22, Psa 18:2, 2Sam. 22. 3, Isa 8:17-18}
14 Therefore since the children have shared of flesh and blood, in like-manner he partook of the same; in order that through death, he might do-away-with the one who had the dominion of death, this is the devil; 15 and he might set-free these, as many as were in fear of death, who were liable to bondage throughout all their life. 16 For* surely he does not help messengers, but he is helping the seed of Abraham. 17 Hence he was obligated to be similar to his brethren according to all things, in order that he might become a merciful and faithful high-priest in the things pertaining to God, *that* he should make atonement for the sins of the people. 18 For* in what he has suffered, having been tempted, he is able to help with those who are tempted.

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