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This English word is translated from related Greek words.
G4962, G4959, G4957, G4944, G4943, G4942, G4936, G4926, G4925, G4924, G4922, G4916, G4911, G4906, G4905, G4903, G4901b, G4901, G4899, G4897, G4896, G4895, G4891, G4890, G4888, G4887, G4885, G4883, G4882, G4881, G4880, G4875, G4874, G4873, G4872, G4871, G4870, G4867, G4866, G4865, G4863, G4862, G4856, G4855, G4854, G4852, G4851, G4848, G4844, G4842, G4841, G4840, G4839, G4838, G4837, G4836, G4834, G4829, G4828, G4823, G4822, G4821, G4806, G4802, G4801, G4800, G4798, G4796, G4790, G4788, G4786, G4785, G4782, G4779, G4778, G4777, G4776, G4775, G1998, G1996
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