First Entry
Part of Speech: {V-PAI:1S}
MLV/Definition: A> do, does, did, doing, practice^^, practices^^, practiced^^, practicing^^, B> make**, makes**, made*^, making**, produce^, produces^, produced^, producing^, C> (AS IN TIME) spend*, spent*;
Supplement: {Syn ποιέω G4160, πράσσω G4238; Berry-28, Thayer-G4160, Trench-96} (active tense generally rendered 'practice')
Etymology: {a primary verb}
All Compounds: ἀγαθοποιός G17, εἰρηνοποιός G1518, εὐποιΐα G2140, ζωοποιέω G2227, κακοποιέω G2554, κακοποιός G2555, καλοποιέω G2569, μοσχοποιέω G3447, ὀχλοποιέω G3792, G4161-G4163, προσποιεω G4364, σκηνοποιός G4635, συζωοποιέω G4806; unrelated: περιποιέω G4046, περιποίησις G4047, πυκνός G4437; NC

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KJV: do 357, make 113, bring forth 14, commit 9, cause 9, work 8, show 5, bear 4, keep 4, fulfil 3, deal 2, perform 2, not tr 3, misc 43, vr do 3 TR: 579
TDNT: 6:458, 895


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