Matthew 1

1 {NOTES: If your plans are to read the entire N. T., start in Mark. Please read the Preface and other non-bible sections. * is our universal footnoting for words contained in the 'Definitions' section. These words are NOT the same Greek word as the non-asterisk form; i.e. *FOR is different from FOR* is different from FOR. In this translation Old Testament names will be in their Old Testament form.}
The book of lineage of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham: 2 Abraham fathered Isaac; and Isaac fathered Jacob; and Jacob fathered Judah and his brethren; 3 and Judah fathered Perez and Zerah from Tamar; and Perez fathered Hezron; and Hezron fathered Ram; 4 and Ram fathered Amminadab; and Amminadab fathered Nahshon; and Nahshon fathered Salmon; 5 and Salmon fathered Boaz from Rahab; and Boaz fathered Obed from Ruth; and Obed fathered Jesse; 6 and Jesse fathered David, the king.
And David, the king, fathered Solomon from the widow of Uriah; 7 and Solomon fathered Rehoboam; and Rehoboam fathered Abijah; and Abijah fathered Asa; 8 and Asa fathered Jehoshaphat; and Jehoshaphat fathered Jehoram; and Jehoram fathered Uzziah; 9 and Uzziah fathered Jotham; and Jotham fathered Ahaz; and Ahaz fathered Hezekiah; 10 and Hezekiah fathered Manasseh; and Manasseh fathered Amon; and Amon fathered Josiah; 11 and Josiah fathered Jechoniah and his brethren, at the time of the exile of Babylon. 12 And after the exile of Babylon, Jechoniah fathered Shealtiel; and Shealtiel fathered Zerubbabel; 13 and Zerubbabel fathered Abiud; and Abiud fathered Eliakim; and Eliakim fathered Azor; 14 and Azor fathered Sadoc; and Sadoc fathered Achim; and Achim fathered Eliud; 15 and Eliud fathered Eleazar; and Eleazar fathered Matthan; and Matthan fathered Jacob; 16 and Jacob fathered Joseph, the husband of Mary, from whom was born Jesus, who is called* the Christ.

{Mat 1:1-17 & Luk 3:23-28 Mary's Genealogy.} 17 Therefore, all the generations from Abraham until David were fourteen generations; and from David until the exile of Babylon, were fourteen generations; and from the exile of Babylon until the Christ, were fourteen generations.

{Mat 1:18-25 Nazareth 5 BC; no parallel.} 18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was thus: for* his mother Mary was engaged to Joseph, before they came together, she was found holding a child in her womb {i.e. pregnant} from the Holy Spirit. 19 Now Joseph, her husband, being a righteous man and not willing to disgrace her, planned to divorce her secretly. 20 But when he was contemplating these things, behold, a messenger of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary to you, as your wife for* what was born {Or: conceived} in her is from the Holy Spirit. 21 Now she will be bearing a son, and you will call his name Jesus, for* he will be saving his people from their sins. 22 Now this whole thing has happened, in order that what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet might be fulfilled, saying, 23 Behold, the virgin will be holding a child in her womb {i.e. pregnant} , and will be bearing a son, and they will call his name Immanuel'; which is, after being translated, 'God with us. ' {Isa 7:14, 8:8, 10} 24 Now having been aroused from his sleep, Joseph did as the messenger of the Lord commanded him and took his wife to him; 25 and did not know her intimately until she bore her firstborn son, and he called his name Jesus.
{Mat 2:1-12 Jerusalem & Bethlehem 4 BC; no parallel.}

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