Mark 15

1 And immediately in the morning, the high-priests with the elders and scribes, and the whole ruling council, made* a council together and bound Jesus and carried him away and gave him up to Pilate.

{Mat 27:3-10 & Acts 1:18-19 Fri. morning and toward the future.} {Mar 15:2-5 & Mat 27:11-14 & Luk 23:2-5 & Joh 18:28b-38 Jerusalem early Fri. morning.} 2 And Pilate asked him, Are you the King of the Jews?
But he answered and said to him, You speak correctly. 3 And the high-priests were accusing him of many things, {T} but He answered nothing.
4 But Pilate asked him again, saying, Do you answer nothing? Behold how-many things they are testifying against you. 5 But Jesus no more answered anything; so-that Pilate marveled. {Luk 23:6-12 Jerusalem early Fri. morning.}
{Mar 15:6-19 & Mat 27:15-30 & Joh 18:39-19:16 Fri., April 7, 30AD.} 6 Now he normally released to them one prisoner at the feast, whomever they asked for. 7 Now there was one called* Barabbas, having been bound with his fellow rioters, who in the riot had practiced murder. 8 And the crowd having cried out, began to ask him to do like he was doing habitually for them. 9 But Pilate answered them, saying, Do you* wish that I might release to you* the King of the Jews? 10 For* he knew that the high-priests had given him up because of envy. 11 But the high-priests shook up the crowd, in order that he should rather release Barabbas to them. 12 And Pilate again answered and said to them, Therefore what do you* wish that I might do to the one whom you* call* the King of the Jews?
13 But they cried out again, Crucify him! 14 But Pilate said to them, For* what evil did he do?
But they cried out even-more, Crucify him. 15 Now Pilate, willing to do what was sufficient for the crowd, released to them Barabbas and gave up Jesus, having scourged him, in order that he might be crucified. 16 Now the soldiers led him away, inside the courtyard, which is the palace, and they call together the whole cohort {600 soldiers} . 17 And they clothe him with purple, and braided a thorny crown, and they placed it around his head; 18 and they began to greet him, Hail, King of the Jews! 19 And they were beating his head with a reed and were spitting on him, and placing the knees down, they were worshiping him.

{Mar 15:20-23 & Mat 27:31-34 & Luk 23:26-33 & Joh 19:17 Road to the Cross, Fri. morning.} 20 And when they had mocked him, they stripped the purple off him and clothed him with his own garments. And they lead him out in order that they should crucify him. 21 And they compel a certain one passing by, Simon from Cyrene, coming from the rural-area, the father of Alexander and Rufus, to go with them, in order that he might lift up his cross. 22 And they bring him to the place called Golgotha, which is, after being translated, The place of a skull. 23 And they were giving to him wine to drink, having been medicated with myrrh, but he did not take it.

{Mar 15:24-32 & Mat 27:35-44 & Luk 23:33-43 & Joh 19:18-27 9:00 until Noon, Fri.} 24 And having crucified him, 'they divide his garments, casting a lot upon them, ' who and what each might take. {Psa 22:18} 25 Now it was the third hour {i.e. 9:00 AM} and they crucified him. 26 And the inscription of his accusation was written on the cross, The King of the Jews. 27 And they crucify two robbers together with him; one at his right and one at his left. 28 And the Scripture was fulfilled, which says 'And he was counted with the lawless. ' {Isa 53:12} 29 And those who traveled by were blaspheming him, wagging their heads' and saying, Ha! You who will tear-down the temple and build it in three days; 30 save yourself and come-down from the cross. ' {Psa 22:7}
31 Now likewise, the high-priests with the scribes were mocking him with one another, and were saying, He saved others , but he is not able to save himself. 32 Let the Christ, the King of Israel, come-down now from the cross, in order that we may see and may believe in him. And those who have been crucified together with him were reproaching him. {Mar 15:34 & Mat 27:45 & Luk 23:44 around Noon.} 33 Now after it became the sixth hour, there became darkness over the whole earth until the ninth hour {i.e. Noon until 3:00 PM; Amos 8:8??????9?} .

{Mar 15:34-41 & Mat 27:46-56 & Luk 23:45-49 & Joh 19:28-30 around 3:00 to 5:00 PM.} 34 And Jesus cried in the ninth hour {i.e. 3:00 PM} with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? which is, after being translated, 'My God, my God, why did you forsake me?' {Psa 22:1} 35 And some of those standing beside him, having heard it, were saying, Behold, he is summoning Elijah. 36 But one having ran and filled a sponge from the vinegar vessel, placed it around a reed and was giving it to him to drink, saying, Allow* it, that we may see if Elijah comes to take him down.
37 But Jesus expired, having left with a loud voice. 38 And the curtain of the temple was split-apart, into two pieces, from the top to the bottom. 39 Now the centurion* standing there, opposite from him, saw that he thus cried out and expired, said, Truly this man was the Son of God. 40 Now there were also women viewing from afar, among whom were both Mary the Magdalene and Mary the mother of James the little {Or: least} and of Joses and Salome; 41 who also, when he was in Galilee, was following him and was serving him, and many other women who came-up together with him to Jerusalem. {Mar 15:42-47 & Mat 27:57-66 & Luk 23:50-56 & Joh 19:31-42 Before The Sabbath.} 42 And already becoming evening, since it was the Preparation, which is, the daytime before the Sabbath, 43 Joseph, a prominent counselor, came, who was from Arimathaea, who himself was also waiting for the kingdom of God, and having dared, he entered to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. 44 Now Pilate marveled if he had already died. And having called to him the centurion*, he asked him if he had been dead very-long. 45 And after he knew it from the centurion*, he bestowed as a gift the body to Joseph. 46 And having bought a linen cloth and having taken him down, he coiled him in the linen cloth, and placed him in a tomb which was hewed out of a rock, and he rolled a stone against the door of the tomb. 47 Now Mary the Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses were viewing where he is placed.
{Mar 16:1-8 & Mat 28:1-8 & Luk 24:1-8, 12 & Joh 20:1-10 Dawn and very early Sun.}

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