Mark 10

1 And having risen* up from there, he goes into the borders of Judea through the area beyond-that of the Jordan, and crowds travel together to him again. And as he had been accustomed, he was teaching them again. 2 And the Pharisees came near and asked him, testing him, Is it legal for a man to divorce his wife?
3 But he answered and said to them, What did Moses command you*? 4 But they said, Moses permitted us to write a document of divorcement and to divorce her. {Deu 24:1}
5 And Jesus answered and said to them, He wrote this commandment for you*, for your* hardness of heart. 6 But 'God made* them male and female' from the beginning of the creation. {Gen 1:27, 5:2} 7 'Because of this, a man will be leaving his father and mother and will be joined to his wife; 8 and the two will become one flesh, ' so-that they are no more two, but one flesh. {Gen 2:24} 9 Therefore, what God yoked together, let man not separate. 10 And his disciples in the house asked him again concerning the same thing. 11 And he says to them, Whoever divorces his wife and should marry another is committing adultery against her; 12 and if a woman divorces her husband and should marry another, she is committing adultery.

{Mar 10:13-16 & Mat 19:13-15 & Luk 18:15-17 Peraea.} 13 And they were bringing to him little children, in order that he might touch them, but the disciples were rebuking those bringing them. 14 But after Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, Allow* the little children to come to me, and do* not forbid them; for* of such is the kingdom of God. 15 Assuredly I am saying to you*, Whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a little child, he may never* enter into it. 16 And having wrapped them in his arms, and laying his hands upon them, he was blessing them.
{Mar 10:17-31 & Mat 19:16-20:16 & Luk 18:18-30 Peraea.} 17 And while traveling toward the road, one ran up to him and knelt before him, and asked him, Good Teacher, what should I practice in order that I may inherit everlasting life?
18 But Jesus said to him, Why do you call* me good? None is good except one, our God. 19 You know the commandments: 'Do not commit adultery. Do not murder. Do not steal. Do not falsely testify. Do not defraud. Honor your father and mother. ' {Exo 20:12-16 & Deu 5:16-20} 20 But he answered and said to him, Teacher, I have observed all these things from my youth.
21 Now Jesus, having looked at him, loved* him, and said to him, You are lacking in one thing. Go, sell as many things as you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. And come-here, follow me, having lifted up your cross. 22 But he was dismal upon the word, and went away and was sorrowing; for* he had many properties. 23 And Jesus, having looked around, says to his disciples, How those who have wealth will hardly enter into the kingdom of God! 24 Now the disciples were being amazed upon his words. But Jesus again answered and says to them, Children, how hard it is for those who have confidence in wealth to enter into the kingdom of God! 25 It is easier for a camel to enter through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.
26 Now they were being astounded even-more with themselves, saying to him, Then who is able to be saved? 27 But Jesus, having looked at them, says, It is impossible with men, but not with God; for* all things are possible with God.
28 Peter began to say to him, Behold, we left all and followed you. 29 But Jesus answered and said, Assuredly I am saying to you*, There is no one who has left his house or brethren or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields, because of me and because of the good-news, 30 who may not receive a hundred-times that now in this time, houses and brethren and sisters and mothers and children and fields, with persecutions, and everlasting life in the world to come. 31 But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first.

{Mar 10:32-45 & Mat 20:17-28 & Luk 18:31-34; Peraea or Judea, near Jordan.} 32 Now they were on the road, going-up to Jerusalem, and Jesus was leading them and they were being amazed, and following, were afraid. And he took again the twelve, and began to tell them the things which are about to befall him, 33 saying, Behold, we are going-up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be given up to the high-priests and scribes, and they will be condemning him to death and will be giving him to the Gentiles, 34 and they will be mocking him and will be scourging him and will be spitting on him and will be killing him, and he will rise* up in the third day.
35 And James and John, the sons of Zebedee, travel before him, saying, Teacher, we wish that* whatever we ask, you might do it for us. 36 But he said to them, What are you* wishing me to do for you*?
37 Now they said to him, Give to us that* we may sit, one at your right hand and one at your left hand in your glory. 38 But Jesus said to them, You* do not know what you* are asking for yourselves. Are you* able to drink the cup that I am drinking? And to be immersed* in the immersion* that I am immersed* in?
39 Now they said to him, We are able. But Jesus said to them, Indeed the cup that I am drinking, you* will be drinking, and the immersion* that I am immersed* in, you* will be immersed* in. 40 But to sit at my right and at my left is not mine to give, but it is for them for whom it has been prepared. 41 And having heard it, the ten began to be indignant concerning James and John. 42 Now having called them to him, Jesus says to them, You* know that those who seem to rule over the Gentiles are lording it over them, and their great ones are wielding authority over them. 43 But it will not be so among you*, but rather, whoever wishes to become great among you* will be your* servant; 44 and whoever wishes to become first among you* will be bondservant of all. 45 For* the Son of Man also did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a redemption in exchange-for many.

{Mar 10:46-52 & Mat 20:29-34 & Luk 18:35-43; Jericho.} 46 And they come into Jericho, and while traveling from Jericho with his disciples and a considerable crowd, Bartimaeus, the blind son of Timaeus, was sitting and begging beside the road. 47 And having heard that it is Jesus the Nazarene, he began to cry out and say, Jesus, you, the son of David, show-mercy to me. 48 And many were rebuking him, in order that he should be silent, but he was crying out much more, Son of David, show-mercy to me.
49 And Jesus stood still and asked for him to be summoned. And they summon the blind man, saying to him, Have courage. Lift yourself up! He is summoning you. 50 Now he came to Jesus, having cast away his garment, and having stood up. 51 And Jesus answered and says to him, What do you wish that I might do for you?
Now the blind man said to him, Rabboni, that* I may recover my sight. 52 Now Jesus said to him, Go; your faith has cured you. And immediately he recovered his sight and was following Jesus on the road.
{Luk 19:1-28; Jericho.} {Joh 11:55-12:1, 9-11 Bethany March 31- April 1, 30 AD.} {The week of Jesus' crucifixion. Mar 11:1-11 & Mat 21:1-12, 14-17 & Luk 19:29-44 & Joh 12:12-19 Bethany to Jerusalem and back Sun. April 2, 30 AD.}

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