2 Corinthians 10

1 Now I, Paul, myself, encourage you* through the meekness and gentleness of Christ, who when face to face am indeed humble among you*, but being absent am courageous toward you*. 2 But I am beseeching you * (not while I am present) to be courageous with the confidence in which I am reasoning to dare against some who reason us as walking according to the flesh. 3 For* although we are walking in the flesh, we are not warring according to the flesh. 4 For* the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly, but are mighty in God, toward the demolition of strongholds, 5 demolishing evil reasonings and every exalted thing which is lifting itself up against the knowledge of God and capturing every device of the Adversary to the obedience of the Christ; 6 and having in readiness to avenge all disobedience*, whenever your* obedience is fulfilled.
7 Are you* looking at things according to their countenance? If anyone has confidence in himself to be Christ's, let him count this again from within himself, that, just-as he is Christ's, so are we also Christ's. 8 For* even if I am boasting even-more of something concerning our authority (which the Lord gave to us *for your * building up and not *for your* demolition), I will not be shamed; 9 in order that I may not seem as if I wished to make you* fearful through my letters. 10 Because indeed he says, The letters are weighty and mighty, but the body's presence is weak and the speech has been nothing special. 11 Let such a one count this, that, such-as we are in word through letters, being absent, such will we also be in work, while we are present*. 12 For* we are not daring to class or compare ourselves together with some of those who are commending themselves, but they themselves, measuring themselves in themselves and comparing themselves to themselves, do not understand. 13 Now we will not be boasting in the immeasurable things, but according to the measure of the standard* of which the God of measure divided to us which is able to reach even to you*. 14 For* we do not overstretch ourselves, as though we are not reaching toward you*; for* we have attained even more than you* in the good-news of the Christ. 15 We were not boasting in the immeasurable things, (that is, in another's labors), but having hope that as your* faith is grown, we will be magnified by you*, according to our standard* *for abundance, 16 reaching out to proclaim the good-news into areas past you* and not to boast in the things prepared in another's standard*. 17 But he who is boasting, let him boast in the Lord. 18 For* he who commends himself, that man is not approved after being tested, but whom the Lord is commending.

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