1 Thessalonians 5

1 Now brethren, you* have no need for anything to be written to you* concerning the times and the seasons. 2 For* you yourselves know accurately that the day of the Lord so comes like a thief in the night. 3 For* whenever they say, Peace and security; then sudden utter-destruction stands by them, just-like the travail a woman has in her womb, and they may never* flee away from it. 4 But brethren, you* are not in darkness, in order that the day might overtake you* like a thief. 5 You* are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night, nor of darkness; 6 Therefore consequently*, we should not sleep, like the rest also do, but let us watch and be sober. 7 For* those who are sleeping, sleep in the night, and those who are drunken, are drunken in the night. 8 But we, being of the day, should be sober; having clothed yourselves with the breastplate of faith and love*, and a helmet-- the hope of salvation. 9 Because God appointed* us not *for wrath, but *for the acquisition of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, 10 who died on our behalf, in order that, whether we should watch or sleep, we should live together with him at the same time. 11 Hence, encourage* one another and build* up one by one, just-as you* are also practicing.
12 But brethren, we request of you* to know those who are laboring among you*, and are governing over you*, and admonishing you* in the Lord; 13 and to deem them exceptionally in love* because of their work. Be* at peace among yourselves. 14 But brethren, we encourage you*: admonish* the disorderly, console* the fainthearted, hold up the weak, have* patience toward all. 15 See* that not anyone repays evil in exchange-for evil to anyone, but always pursue* the good, both toward one another and toward all. 16 Rejoice* always. 17 Pray* constantly. 18 Give-thanks* in everything; for* this is the will of God in Christ Jesus toward you*. 19 Do* not quench the Spirit. 20 Do* not scorn prophesying. 21 Now test* all things! Hold-onto* the good things! 22 Abstain* from every form of evil! 23 Now may the God of peace himself make you* entirely holy, and may your* whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. 24 He is faithful who calls you*, who will also do it.
25 Brethren, pray* concerning us. 26 Greet* all the brethren by a holy kiss. 27 I am imploring you* by the Lord, that this letter be read to all the holy brethren.
28 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is with you*. Amen. {NOTES: Please read the Preface and other non-bible sections. * is our universal footnoting for words contained in the 'Definitions' section. These words are NOT the same Greek word as the non-asterisk form; i.e. *FOR is different from FOR* is different from FOR.}

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