First Entry
Part of Speech: {V-PAI:1S}
MLV/Definition: A> see^^, sees^^, saw^^, seen^^, seeing^^, look^^, B> [IMPERATIVE:] beware*
Supplement: {Syn βλέπω G991, θεάομαι G2300, θεωρέω G2334, ὀπτάνομαι G3700, ὁράω G3708, σκοπέω G4648; Strong-G3700, Thayer-G2334, Trench-A}
Etymology: {a primary verb} /
All Compounds: ἀναβλέπω G308, ἀνάβλεψις G309, βλέμμα G990, διαβλέπω G1227, ἐμβλέπω G1689, ἐπιβλέπω G1914, περιβλέπω G4017, προβλέπω G4265; unrelated: λυμαίνομαι G3075 ?; NC

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KJV: see 90, take heed 12, behold 10, beware 4, look on 4, look 3, beware of 3, misc 9 TR: 135
TDNT: 5:315, 706


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