John 2

1 And there happened to be a wedding in Cana of Galilee in the third day, and the mother of Jesus was there; 2 and Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the wedding. 3 And having lacked enough wine, the mother of Jesus says to him, They have no wine.
4 Jesus says to her, What is this thing with me and with you, woman? My hour is not coming yet. 5 His mother says to the servants, If he says anything to you*, do* it. 6 Now six stone water pots were placed there according to the Jews' cleansing, making room for two or three nine-gallon measures apiece. {i.e. very large water pots}
7 Jesus says to them, Fill* the water pots with water. And they filled them to the top. 8 And he says to them, Dip-out* some now and carry* it to the chief waiter. And they carried it. 9 Now as the chief waiter tasted the water that had become wine, and did not know where it is from (but the servants knew, having dipped-out the water), the chief waiter summons the bridegroom, 10 and says to him, Every man first places the good wine on the table, and whenever they are drunken, then the inferior. But you have kept the good wine until now. 11 This one was the beginning of the signs which Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and manifested his glory, and his disciples believed in him. {Joh 2:12 Capernaum; no parallel.} 12 After this, he went-down to Capernaum, he and his mother and his brethren and his disciples, and they did not remain there many days. {An idiom: stayed a few days.}

{Joh 2:13-25 Jerusalem April 9, 27 AD; no parallel.} 13 And the Passover of the Jews was near, and Jesus went-up to Jerusalem. 14 And he found those who sold bulls and sheep and doves, and the money-changers sitting in the temple. 15 And he made* a scourge out of ropes and cast all forth out of the temple, both the sheep and the bulls, and he poured out the coinage of the brokers and turned over their tables; 16 and to the ones who are selling the doves he said, Take* these things from here. Do* not make* my Father's house a house of merchandise.
17 Now his disciples were reminded that it has been written, 'Zeal of your house will be eating me up. ' {Psa 69:9} 18 Therefore, the Jews answered and said to him, What sign are you showing to us? Why is it that you are doing these things?
19 Jesus answered and said to them, Tear-down* this temple and I will be lifting it up in three days. 20 Therefore the Jews said, This temple was built in forty-six years and you will be lifting it up in three days? 21 But that he spoke concerning the temple of his body.
22 Therefore, when he was raised up from the dead, his disciples were reminded that he spoke this, and they believed in the Scripture and the word in which Jesus had said. 23 Now as he was in Jerusalem at the Passover, many believed in his name at the feast, viewing his signs which he was doing. 24 But Jesus himself was not entrusting himself to them, because he knew all men, 25 and because he had no need that* anyone should testify concerning man; for* he himself knew what was in man.
{Joh 3:1-21; no parallel.}

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