James 4

1 From where are the wars and quarrels among you* coming from? Is it not from here, from your* own sensual-delights which are warring in your* members? 2 You* lust and do not have; you* murder and are jealous and are not able to obtain; you* quarrel and make war; you* do not have, because you* are not asking. 3 You* ask and do not receive, because you* ask evilly, in order that you* may spend it in your* sensual-delights.
4 Adulterers and adulteresses, do you* not know that the friendship of the world is hostility toward God? Therefore, whoever wills to be a friend of the world is designated as an enemy of God. 5 Or are you* thinking that the Scripture speaks with emptiness? Does the Spirit who dwelt in us long to envy? 6 But he is giving greater grace. Hence the Scripture says, 'God resists the haughty, but gives grace to the humble. ' {Prov 3:34} 7 Therefore, be* subject to God and stand* against the devil, and he will be fleeing away from you*. 8 Draw* near to God and he will be drawing near to you*. Cleanse* your * hands sinners and purify* your * hearts you * indecisive! 9 Be miserable* and mourn* and weep*. Let your* laughter be turned to mourning and your* joy be turned to gloom. 10 Humble* yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he will be exalting you*.
11 Brethren do* not speak against one another. He who is speaking against a brother and is judging his brother, is speaking against the law and is judging the law. Now if you are judging the law, you are not a doer of the law, but a judge. 12 There is the one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judges the other? 13 Proceed on now, you* who are saying, Today and the next-day, we should travel into this city and should spend one year there and be a merchant and make* a gain. 14 You* do not know what the next-day will bring, for* what is your* life? For* it will be a vapor, which appears for a small time but also thereafter disappears. 15 Instead of that, you* should say, If the Lord wills, and we should also live, then we might do this or that. 16 But now you* boast in your* self-importance. All such boasting is evil. 17 Therefore knowing to do good and not doing it, to him, it is sin.

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