First Entry
Part of Speech: {V-PAI:1S}
MLV/Definition: A> travel^, travels*, traveling^, B> [FIG:] conduct-themselves*, conducting-themselves*, conducted-themselves*, conducted-ourselves*, [8]
Supplement: {SEE ἔρχομαι G2064}$ (B> whose behavior is... Or go one's own way (in a bad sense) Using these translations uniformly may be a litte too wordy in some places but the English word “go” is used for too many unrelated Greek word and some distinction is necessary.
Etymology: {middle voice of πειράω G3987 derivative}
All Compounds: διαπορεύομαι G1279, εἰσπορεύομαι G1531, ἐκπορεύομαι G1607, ἐπιπορεύομαι G1975, ὁδοιπορέω G3596, ὁδοιπορία G3597, παραπορεύομαι G3899, προπορεύομαι G4313, προσπορεύομαι G4365, συμπορεύομαι G4848; perplex: ἀπορέω G639, ἀπορία G640, διαπορέω G1280; unrelated: G1710-G1713, ἐξαπορέω G1820, εὐπορέω G2141, εὐπορία G2142; NC

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KJV: go 117, depart 11, walk 9, go (one's) way 8, misc 9 TR: 154
TDNT: 6:566, 915


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