First Entry
Part of Speech: {N-NSN}
MLV/Definition: Spirit*, spirit*, spirits*, breath^, [2]
Supplement: {SEE ἄνεμος G417} {SEE νοῦς G3563}
Etymology: {πνέω G4154}

Greek Concordance: [386] Mat_1:18, Mat_1:20, Mat_3:11, Mat_3:16, Mat_4:1, Mat_5:3, Mat_8:16, Mat_10:1, Mat_10:20, Mat_12:18, Mat_12:28, Mat_12:31, Mat_12:32, Mat_12:43, Mat_12:45, Mat_22:43, Mat_26:41, Mat_27:50, Mat_28:19, Mar_1:8, Mar_1:10, Mar_1:12, Mar_1:23, Mar_1:26, Mar_1:27, Mar_2:8, Mar_3:11, Mar_3:29, Mar_3:30, Mar_5:2, Mar_5:8, Mar_5:13, Mar_6:7, Mar_7:25, Mar_8:12, Mar_9:17, Mar_9:20, Mar_9:25, Mar_9:25, Mar_12:36, Mar_13:11, Mar_14:38, Luk_1:15, Luk_1:17, Luk_1:35, Luk_1:41, Luk_1:47, Luk_1:67, Luk_1:80, Luk_2:25, Luk_2:26, Luk_2:27, Luk_2:40, Luk_3:16, Luk_3:22, Luk_4:1, Luk_4:1, Luk_4:14, Luk_4:18, Luk_4:33, Luk_4:36, Luk_6:18, Luk_7:21, Luk_8:2, Luk_8:29, Luk_8:55, Luk_9:39, Luk_9:42, Luk_9:55, Luk_10:20, Luk_10:21, Luk_11:13, Luk_11:24, Luk_11:26, Luk_12:10, Luk_12:12, Luk_13:11, Luk_23:46, Luk_24:37, Luk_24:39, Joh_1:32, Joh_1:33, Joh_1:33, Joh_3:5, Joh_3:6, Joh_3:6, Joh_3:8, Joh_3:8, Joh_3:34, Joh_4:23, Joh_4:24, Joh_4:24, Joh_6:63, Joh_6:63, Joh_7:39, Joh_7:39, Joh_11:33, Joh_13:21, Joh_14:17, Joh_14:26, Joh_15:26, Joh_16:13, Joh_19:30, Joh_20:22, Act_1:2, Act_1:5, Act_1:8, Act_1:16, Act_2:4, Act_2:4, Act_2:17, Act_2:18, Act_2:33, Act_2:38, Act_4:8, Act_4:31, Act_5:3, Act_5:9, Act_5:16, Act_5:32, Act_6:3, Act_6:5, Act_6:10, Act_7:51, Act_7:55, Act_7:59, Act_8:7, Act_8:15, Act_8:17, Act_8:18, Act_8:19, Act_8:29, Act_8:39, Act_9:17, Act_9:31, Act_10:19, Act_10:38, Act_10:44, Act_10:45, Act_10:47, Act_11:12, Act_11:15, Act_11:16, Act_11:24, Act_11:28, Act_13:2, Act_13:4, Act_13:9, Act_13:52, Act_15:8, Act_15:28, Act_16:6, Act_16:7, Act_16:16, Act_16:18, Act_17:16, Act_18:5, Act_18:25, Act_19:2, Act_19:2, Act_19:6, Act_19:12, Act_19:13, Act_19:15, Act_19:16, Act_19:21, Act_20:22, Act_20:23, Act_20:28, Act_21:4, Act_21:11, Act_23:8, Act_23:9, Act_28:25, Rom_1:4, Rom_1:9, Rom_2:29, Rom_5:5, Rom_7:6, Rom_8:1, Rom_8:2, Rom_8:4, Rom_8:5, Rom_8:5, Rom_8:6, Rom_8:9, Rom_8:9, Rom_8:9, Rom_8:10, Rom_8:11, Rom_8:11, Rom_8:13, Rom_8:14, Rom_8:15, Rom_8:15, Rom_8:16, Rom_8:16, Rom_8:23, Rom_8:26, Rom_8:26, Rom_8:27, Rom_9:1, Rom_11:8, Rom_12:11, Rom_14:17, Rom_15:13, Rom_15:16, Rom_15:19, Rom_15:30, 1Co_2:4, 1Co_2:10, 1Co_2:10, 1Co_2:11, 1Co_2:11, 1Co_2:12, 1Co_2:12, 1Co_2:13, 1Co_2:14, 1Co_3:16, 1Co_4:21, 1Co_5:3, 1Co_5:4, 1Co_5:5, 1Co_6:11, 1Co_6:17, 1Co_6:19, 1Co_6:20, 1Co_7:34, 1Co_7:40, 1Co_12:3, 1Co_12:3, 1Co_12:4, 1Co_12:7, 1Co_12:8, 1Co_12:8, 1Co_12:9, 1Co_12:9, 1Co_12:10, 1Co_12:11, 1Co_12:13, 1Co_12:13, 1Co_14:2, 1Co_14:12, 1Co_14:14, 1Co_14:15, 1Co_14:15, 1Co_14:16, 1Co_14:32, 1Co_15:45, 1Co_16:18, 2Co_1:22, 2Co_2:13, 2Co_3:3, 2Co_3:6, 2Co_3:6, 2Co_3:8, 2Co_3:17, 2Co_3:17, 2Co_3:18, 2Co_4:13, 2Co_5:5, 2Co_6:6, 2Co_7:1, 2Co_7:13, 2Co_11:4, 2Co_12:18, 2Co_13:14, Gal_3:2, Gal_3:3, Gal_3:5, Gal_3:14, Gal_4:6, Gal_4:29, Gal_5:5, Gal_5:16, Gal_5:17, Gal_5:17, Gal_5:18, Gal_5:22, Gal_5:25, Gal_5:25, Gal_6:1, Gal_6:8, Gal_6:8, Gal_6:18, Eph_1:13, Eph_1:17, Eph_2:2, Eph_2:18, Eph_2:22, Eph_3:5, Eph_3:16, Eph_4:3, Eph_4:4, Eph_4:23, Eph_4:30, Eph_5:9, Eph_5:18, Eph_6:17, Eph_6:18, Php_1:19, Php_1:27, Php_2:1, Php_3:3, Col_1:8, Col_2:5, 1Th_1:5, 1Th_1:6, 1Th_4:8, 1Th_5:19, 1Th_5:23, 2Th_2:2, 2Th_2:8, 2Th_2:13, 1Ti_3:16, 1Ti_4:1, 1Ti_4:1, 1Ti_4:12, 2Ti_1:7, 2Ti_1:14, 2Ti_4:22, Tit_3:5, Phm_1:25, Heb_1:7, Heb_1:14, Heb_2:4, Heb_3:7, Heb_4:12, Heb_6:4, Heb_9:8, Heb_9:14, Heb_10:15, Heb_10:29, Heb_12:9, Heb_12:23, Jas_2:26, Jas_4:5, Jas_4:5, 1Pe_1:2, 1Pe_1:11, 1Pe_1:12, 1Pe_1:22, 1Pe_3:4, 1Pe_3:18, 1Pe_3:19, 1Pe_4:6, 1Pe_4:14, 2Pe_1:21, 1Jn_3:24, 1Jn_4:1, 1Jn_4:1, 1Jn_4:2, 1Jn_4:2, 1Jn_4:3, 1Jn_4:6, 1Jn_4:6, 1Jn_4:13, 1Jn_5:6, 1Jn_5:6, 1Jn_5:8, Jud_1:19, Jud_1:20, Rev_1:4, Rev_1:10, Rev_2:7, Rev_2:11, Rev_2:17, Rev_2:29, Rev_3:1, Rev_3:6, Rev_3:13, Rev_3:22, Rev_4:2, Rev_4:5, Rev_5:6, Rev_11:11, Rev_13:15, Rev_14:13, Rev_16:13, Rev_16:14, Rev_17:3, Rev_18:2, Rev_19:10, Rev_21:10, Rev_22:6, Rev_22:17

KJV: Spirit 111, Holy Ghost 89, Spirit (of God) 13, Spirit (of the Lord) 5, (My) Spirit 3, Spirit (of truth) 3, Spirit (of Christ) 2, human (spirit) 49, (evil) spirit 47, spirit (general) 26, spirit 8, (Jesus' own) spirit 6, (Jesus' own) ghost 2, misc 21 TR: 385
TDNT: 6:332, 876


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