First Entry
Part of Speech: {V-PAI:1S}
MLV/Definition: A> see^^, sees^^, saw^^, seen^^, seeing^^, | ± that, B> [IMPERATIVE:] behold*
Supplement: {SEE βλέπω G991}$
Etymology: {primary word}
All Compounds: ἀόρατος G517 ant, ἀφοράω G872, ἴδε G2396, καθοράω G2529, G3705-G3707, προοράω G4308; NC. All Compounds from G1492: ἀπείδω G542, ἐπεῖδον G1896, ἴσημι G2467, ἰδού G2400, ἴσος G2470 ?, ἱστορέω G2477, προείδω G4275, ὑπερείδω G5237; unrelated: ἀναίδεια G335, form: εἶδος G1491, ἰδέα G2397; idol: G1493-G1497, κατείδωλος G2712, ᾍδης G86, αἰδώς G127, συνείδησις G4893, συνείδω G4894; NC

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KJV: see 51, take heed 5, behold 1, perceive 1, not tr 1 TR: 59
TDNT: 5:315, 706


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