First Entry
Part of Speech: {N-NSM}
MLV/Definition: A> age*, ages* (AS IN TIME) B> world^^ [22], C> [IDIOM- WITH G1519:] forever*, forevermore*
Supplement: When you look at all the entries in the Greek concordance, there are multiple places where only ‘age’ or ‘world’ can be used, no English word fits both definitions. Then there are two Greek idioms: ‘into the ages’ and ‘into the ages of the ages, ’ both being our words ‘forever’ or ‘forever and ever. ’ {Syn αἰών G165, κόσμος G2889; Berry-165, Berry-38, Thayer-G165, Trench-59} (is a period of time. It is also thought of as the whole ‘world’ context determines which word)
Etymology: {ἀεί G104} NC

Greek Concordance: [126] Mat_6:13, Mat_12:32, Mat_13:22, Mat_13:39, Mat_13:40, Mat_13:49, Mat_21:19, Mat_24:3, Mat_28:20, Mar_3:29, Mar_4:19, Mar_10:30, Mar_11:14, Luk_1:33, Luk_1:55, Luk_1:70, Luk_16:8, Luk_18:30, Luk_20:34, Luk_20:35, Joh_4:14, Joh_6:51, Joh_6:58, Joh_8:35, Joh_8:35, Joh_8:51, Joh_8:52, Joh_9:32, Joh_10:28, Joh_11:26, Joh_12:34, Joh_13:8, Joh_14:16, Act_3:21, Act_15:18, Rom_1:25, Rom_9:5, Rom_11:36, Rom_12:2, Rom_14:26, 1Co_1:20, 1Co_2:6, 1Co_2:6, 1Co_2:7, 1Co_2:8, 1Co_3:18, 1Co_8:13, 1Co_10:11, 2Co_4:4, 2Co_9:9, 2Co_11:31, Gal_1:4, Gal_1:5, Gal_1:5, Eph_1:21, Eph_2:2, Eph_2:7, Eph_3:9, Eph_3:11, Eph_3:21, Eph_3:21, Eph_6:12, Php_4:20, Php_4:20, Col_1:26, 1Ti_1:17, 1Ti_1:17, 1Ti_1:17, 1Ti_6:17, 2Ti_4:10, 2Ti_4:18, 2Ti_4:18, Tit_2:12, Heb_1:2, Heb_1:8, Heb_1:8, Heb_5:6, Heb_6:5, Heb_6:20, Heb_7:17, Heb_7:21, Heb_7:24, Heb_7:28, Heb_9:26, Heb_11:3, Heb_13:8, Heb_13:21, Heb_13:21, 1Pe_1:23, 1Pe_1:25, 1Pe_4:11, 1Pe_4:11, 1Pe_5:11, 1Pe_5:11, 2Pe_2:17, 2Pe_3:18, 1Jn_2:17, 2Jn_1:2, Jud_1:13, Jud_1:25, Rev_1:6, Rev_1:6, Rev_1:18, Rev_1:18, Rev_4:9, Rev_4:9, Rev_4:10, Rev_4:10, Rev_5:13, Rev_5:13, Rev_7:12, Rev_7:12, Rev_10:6, Rev_10:6, Rev_11:15, Rev_11:15, Rev_14:11, Rev_14:11, Rev_15:7, Rev_15:7, Rev_19:3, Rev_19:3, Rev_20:10, Rev_20:10, Rev_22:5, Rev_22:5

KJV: ever 71, world 38, never + 3364 + 1519 + 3588 6, evermore 4, age 2, eternal 2, misc 5 TR: 128
TDNT: 1:197, 31


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