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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - U V W Y Z
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Unable Unapparent Unapproachable Unapproved Unashamed Unattended Unbearable Unbelief Unbelievable Unbeliever Unbelievers Unbelieving Unblemished Unbridled-lusts Unceasing Uncertainty Unchangeable Uncircumcised Uncircumcision Unclean Uncleanness Uncondemned Uncontrollable Undefiled Undeniable Undeniably Under Undergirding Undergo Undergoes Underneath Understand Understanding Understands Understood Undertaken Undertaking Undertook Underwent Undeservedly Undiluted Unending Unequally Unfading Unfailing Unfaithful Unfit Unforbidden Unfruitful Ungodliness Ungodlinesses Ungodly Unholy Unified Unimpeachable Unintelligible Unison United United-together Unity Unknown Unlearned Unleavened Unless Unloading Unmarried Unmerciful Unmovable Unoccupied Unprepared Unprofitable Unprofitableness Unquenchable Unreasonable Unreasoning Unrecognized Unregrettable Unrepentant Unrest Unrests Unrighteous Unrighteousness Unripe Unrolled Unroofed Unsearchable Unsettled Unsettling Unshakable Unsheathed Unshrunk Unskilled Unsparing Unspeakable Unstable Unstained Untamed Unthankful Until Untraceable Unveiled Unwashed Unwavering Unwise Unwitnessed Unworthily Unworthy Up Upon Upper-parts Upper-room Uprightness Uproar Uproot Uprooted Upsetting Upstairs-room Upward Urbanus Urge Urged Urgently Urging Uriah Us Use Used Useful Useless Uses Using Uttering Utterly Utter-ruin Uzziah Vacate Vacates Vain Vainly Validate Validated Valley Value Vapor Varieties Variety Various Vegetation Veil Veiled Veiling Vengeance Verdict Very Very-act Very-long Vessel Vessels Victorious Victory View Viewed Viewing Viewpoint Views Village Villages Villainy Vine Vine-dresser Vinegar Vineyard Violating Violation Violence Violent Violent-impulse Violently-enters Viper Vipers Virgin Virginity Virgins Virtue Virtues Virtuous Visible Vision Visions Visit Visitation Visited Voice Voiceless Voices Void Volume Voluntarily Voluntary Vomit Voting-pebble Votive-offerings Vow Vowed Voyage Voyaging Vultures  Wages Wagging Wailing Wait Waiter Waiting Wait-on Wait-upon Wake Walk Walked Walking Walks Wall Wallowing Walls Wandering Wanting War Warfare Warmed Warming Warmth Warned Warring Wars Was* Wash Washbasin Washed Washing Washings Waste Watch Watched Watches Watchful Watching Water Watered Watering Waterless Waters Wave Waves Way Ways Weak Weaker Weakness Weaknesses Wealth Weaponize Weapons Wear Wearing Weary Wedding Wedlock Week Weep Weeping Weigh Weighed Weight Weighty Well Went Went-abroad Wept Were* West What Whatever Wheat When When* Whenever Where Wherever Whether While While* Whipped Whipping Whirlwind Whisk Whisperers White Whiten Whitewashed Whoever Whole Wholeness Whomever Why Wick Wicked Wickedness Wickednesses Wide Widen Widened Widow Widows Width Wield Wielding Wife Wild Wilderness Wildernesses Will Willed Willfully Willing Wills Wind Window Winds Wine Winepress Wineskins Wings Winnowing Wins Winter Wintered Wintering Winter-stream Wipe Wipe-away Wiped Wiped-away Wiping Wiping-away Wisdom Wise Wisely Wise-men Wiser Wish Wished Wishes Wishing Wish-that With With* Withdraw Withdrawing Withdrew Within Without Witness Witnessed Witnesses Witnessing Wives Woe Woes Wolf Wolves Woman Womb Wombs Women Wonders Wood Wooden Wool Word Words Work Worked Worker Workers Working Workings Works World Worldly Wormwood Worn Worse Worship Worshiped Worshipers Worshiping Worst Worthily Worthy Would Wound Wounds Woven Wranglings Wrapped Wrappings Wrath Wrestling Wrinkle Write Writes Writing Writings Writing-tablet Written Wrong Wrongdoing Wronged Wrongfully Wronging Wrote   Year Years Yell Yes Yesterday Yet Yield Yoke Yoked You You* Young Young-daughter Young-donkey Younger Younger-men Young-man Young-men Young-servant Young-servants Yours*Yourselves* Yourself Yourselves Youth Youthful Zacchaeus Zacharias Zarephath Zeal Zealot Zealous Zealousness Zebedee Zebulun Zechariah Zenas Zerah Zerubbabel Zeus Zion

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