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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - T
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Tabernacle Tabernacles Tabitha Table Tables Tablets Tackling Tail Tails Take Take-advantage Take-heed Take-hold Taken Taken-advantage Taken-heed Taken-hold Taken-tithes Takes Takes-advantage Take-tithes Taking Taking-heed Taking-hold Talant Talants Talitha Talked-about Tamar Tame Tamed Tanner Tarnish Tarnished Tarsus Task Taste Tasted Tasting Taught Taverns Tax Taxes Tax-office Teach Teacher Teachers Teaches Teaching Teachings Tear Tear-down Tearing-down Tears Tears-down Tedious Teeth Tell Telling Temperate Temple Temple-keeper Temples Temporary Tempt Temptable Temptation Temptations Tempted Tempter Tempts Ten Tender Tenderly Tens Tent Tenth Ten-thousand  Tents Terah Terminated Termination Terrestrial Terribly Terrified Territory Terror Terrors Tertius Tertullus Test Tested Testified Testifies Testify Testifying Testimonies Testimony Testing Tests Tetrarch Thaddaeus Than Thank Thanked Thankful Thankgiving Thanking Thanks Thanksgiving Thanksgivings $That $That* That That* Theater Thefts Them Themselves Then Theophilus There There* Thereafter Therefore Thereon Thessalonians Thessalonica Theudas Thick Thief Thieves Thigh Thing Things Think Thinking Thinks Third Third-time Thirst Thirsty Thirty This Thistles Thomas Thorn Thorns Thorny Thoroughfares Thoroughly Thought Thousand Thousands Threaten Threatened Threatening Threats Three Three-gallon Three-times Threshing Threw Throat Throne Thrones Through Throughout Throw Thrust Thrusting   Thunder Thunders Thunderstorm Thus Thyatira Tiberias Tiberius Tie Tied Tiles Till Timaeus Time Times Timon Timothy Tip Tithe Tithes Title Titus Today Together Told Tolerable Tolerate Tolerated Tolerating Tomb Tombs Tongue Tongues Too Took Took-advantage Took-heed Took-hold Tooth Top Topaz Tops Torch Torches Tore-down Torment Tormented Tormenting Torments Torn Torn-down Tortured Torturers Toss Tossed Tossing Touch Touched Touching Toward Towel Tower Towns Traced Trachonitis Tracks Trade Tradeoffs Trading Tradition Traditions Train Trample Trampled Tramples Trampling Trance Tranquil Transfer Transferred Transferring Transfigured Transformed Transgress Transgressed Transgresses Transgressing Transgression Transgressions Transgressor Transgressors 

Translate Translated Translates Translation Translator Transparent Transpiring Transplanted Trap Trash Trauma Traumatized Travail Travailing Travails Travel Traveled Travelers Traveling Traveling-associate Traveling-associates Travels Treacherous Treachery Treasure Treasured Treasures Treasury Treat Treated Treatment Tree Trees Trembling Trespass Trespasses Trial Tribe Tribes Tribute Trickery Trimmed Trip Tripped Triumph Triumphing Troas Trogyllium Trophimus Trouble Troubled Truly Trumpet Trumpeters Trumpets Truth Tryphaena Tryphosa Tunic Tunics Turn Turnabout Turned Turning Turns Turtledoves Tutor Tutors Twelfth Twelve Twelve-bushel Twenty Twenty-four Twice Twin Twisted Twisting Two Two-denarii Two-hundred Tychicus Typhoon Tyrannus Tyre

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