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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - S
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Sabachthani Sabbath Sabbath-rest Sabbaths Sackcloth Sacred Sacrifice Sacrificed Sacrifices Sacrificing Sadducees Sadoc Said Sail Sailed Sailing Sailors Sails Salamis Salem Salmon Salmone Salome Salt Salted Salty Salvation Samaria Samaritan Samaritans Same Samos Samothrace Samson Samuel Sanctuary Sand Sandals Sanhedrin Sapphira Sapphire Sarah Sardis Sardonyx Sat Satisfied Saul Save Saved Saves Saving Savior Saw Sawed Say Saying Says Scales Scarcely Scared Scarlet Scatter Scattered Scatters Scene Scepter Sceva Schemes Scholarship School Scoffed Scolded Scolding Scorn Scorned Scorning Scorpion Scorpions Scourge Scourged Scourges Scourging Scribe Scribes Scripture Scriptures Scroll Scums Scythian Sea Sea-coast Sea-creature Sea-creatures Seal Sealed Sealing Seals Seamless Search Searched Searching Seas Season Seasoned Seasons Seat Seated Seating Seats Second Second-time Secret Secretly Secrets Sect Sectarian Sectioning Sections Sects Secundus Secure Secured Securely Security Seduced See Seed Seeds Seeing Seek Seeking Seeks Seem Seemed Seems Seen Sees Seize Seized Seizes Seizing Seizure Select Selected Selectively Seleucia Self-condemned Self-control Self-controlled Self-discipline Self-importance Self-indulgent Selfish Self-sufficiency Self-willed Sell Seller Selling Selling* Sells Semein Send Sending Sends Sense Senses Sensible Sensual-delight Sensual-delights Sent Sentence Sentenced Sentries Sentry Separate Separate* Separated Separated* Separates Separates* Separating Separating* Sergeants Sergius Serif Serpent Serpents Serug Servant Servants Serve Serve* Served Served* Serves Service Services Serving Serving* Set Set-free Seth Set-sail Setting Setting-sail Settle Settles Seven Seventh Seven-times Seventy Seventy-times Severity Sewer Sews Shackles Shadow Shake Shaken Shake-off Shaking Shall Shame Shamed Shameful Shames Shaming  Share Shared Sharing Sharon Sharp Sharp-disagreement Sharper Sharply Shattered Shave Shaved Shealtiel Sheared Shearing Sheath Shechem Shed Shedding Shed-tears Sheep Sheepskins Sheet Shelah Shem Shepherd Shepherding Shepherds Shield Shine Shined Shines Shining Ship Ship-owner Ships Shipwrecked Shoes Shone Shook Shook-off Shooting Shoots Shore Short Shortage Shortened Shortly Short-sighted Shot Should Shoulders Shouted Shouting Shoveled Show Showbread Showed Showed-mercy Showing Showing-mercy Show-mercy Shown Shown-favoritism Shown-mercy Shows Shows-favoritism Shows-mercy Shreds Shuddering Shun Shunned Sick Sickle Sickness Sicknesses Side Sidon Sift Sighed Sighing Sight Sign Signal-agreement Signaled Signaling Signals Signified Signify Signifying Signs Silas Silence Silent Silk Siloam Silvanus Silver Silversmith Simeon Similar Simon Simplicity Sin Sinai Since Sincere Sincerity Sinful Singing Singing-praise Sing-praise Sink Sinless Sinned Sinner Sinners Sinning Sins Sister Sisters Sit Sits Sitting Six Sixth Sixty Sixty-six Skeptical Skilled Skin Skippers Skull Slain Slanderer Slanderers Slandering Slanders Slap Slapped Slaps Slaughter Slaughtered Slay Slaying Sleep Sleeping Sleeping-around Sleeplessness Slept Slipped Slope Slow Slowly Slowness Sluggish Slumbered Slumbering Small Small-boat Small-boats Small-fish Smashing Smell Smoke Smoking Smooth Smoother Smooth-talk Smuggled Smuggling Smyrna Snake Snare Sneaked Sneaking Sneering Snow So Sober Socialize Sodom Soft Softly So-great Soil Sojourned Sojourning Sold Sold* Soldier Soldiers Solid Solid-ground Solomon So-many Some Someday Somehow Someone Something Somewhere So-much Son Song Songs Sons Sonship Sopater Sorcerers Sorceries Sorcery Sore Sores Sorrow Sorrow-free Sorrowful Sorrowing Sorrows Sort Sosipater Sosthenes So-that So-then Sought Soul Souls Sound Sound* Sounded Sounds South Southwest Sovereign Sovereigns Sow Sowed Sower Sowing Sown Sows Spain Spare Sparing Sparingly Sparrows Spat Speak Speakers Speaking Speaks Spear Spearmen Special Speck Spectacle Speech Speechless Spend Spent Spice Spices Spies Spin Spinning Spirit Spirit* Spirits Spirits* Spiritual Spiritually Spit Spiteful Spits Spitting Splashing Splendor Split Split-apart Splits Spoils Spoke Spoken Sponge Sprang Spread Spreading Spring Springing Springs Sprinkled Sprinkling Sprout Sprouted Sprung Spurn Spurred Spy Squall Squandered Squandering Stabbed Stachys Stadium Staff Staffs Stain Stained Stains Staked-through Stand Standard* Stand-before Stand-erect Stand-firm Standing Standing-before Standing-firm Stand-ready Stands Stands-ready Star Stare Stared Staring Stars Start Starting-point Starving Stature Stayed Staying Steadfast Steal Stealing Steals Steer Steersman Step Stephanas Stephen Stepped Stepping Steps Sterile Stern Steward Stewards Stewardship Stick-around Stiff-necked Still Stimulated Sting Stings Stinks Stocks Stoic Stole Stomach Stone Stoned Stones Stoning Stood Stood-erect Stoop Stooped Stopped Store Stored Storeroom Storerooms Storing Storm Storm-tossed Story Stoutly Straight Straighten Straightened Straightforward Strain  Strange Stranger Strangers Strangled Strap Straps Straw Street Streets Strength Strengthen Strengthened Strengthening Stretch Stretched Stretching Strictest Strife Strifes Strike Strikes Striking Stripped Stripping Stroke Strolling Strong Strong-enough Strongholds Struck Structure Struggle Struggles Struggling Stuck Stuck-around Study Stumble Stumbled Stumbles Stumbling Stupor Subject Subjected Subjection Subjugated Submerged Submerging Submissive Submitted Substantially Subterranean Succession Successor Succumbed Such Such-as Sudden Suddenly Suffer Suffer-damage Suffered Suffer-hardship Suffering Suffering-punishment Sufferings Suffers Suffers-violently Sufficiency Sufficient Suggest Suitable Sum Summation Summed Summer Summon Summoned Summoning Summons Sumptuously Sun Sung Sunk Superfluous Superior Superiority Superior-stations Supper Suppers Supplication Supplications Supplied Supply Supplying Supported Suppose Supposed Supposes Supposing Supremacy Surely Surname Surnamed Surpasses Surpassing Surpassingly Surpassingly-better Surprised Surprising Surround Surrounded Surrounding Susanna Suspense Suspicions Sustenance Swaddled Swallow Swallowed Swear Swears Sweat Sweep Sweet Sweet-fragrance Swell Swept Swift Swim Swindler Swindlers Swindling Swine Sword Swords Swore Sworn Sycamore Sychar Symeon Sympathetic Sympathize Sympathized Synagogue Synagogues Syntyche Syracuse Syria Syrian Syrophoenician Syrtis

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