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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - R
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$ = * as seen in MLV in most electronic or book forms (our universal footnoting).
Rabbi Rabboni Race Rachel Radiance Radiant Radiantly Rage Rahab Railing Rain Rainbow Rained Rainfall Rainfalls Rains Raise Raise* Raised Raised* Raises Raising Raising* Ram Ramah Ran Rank Ransom Rash Rather Rations Ravenous Ravens Rays Reach Reached Reaching Read Readiness Reading Reads Ready Realization Really Reap Reaped Reapers Reaping Rear Reared Reason Reasoned Reasoning Reasonings Reasons Rebecca Rebelled Rebellion Rebellious Rebirth* Rebuke Rebuked Rebuking Receive Received Receives Receiving Recently Reception Recline Reclined Reclines Reclining Recognize Recognized Recognizing Recompense Reconcile Reconciled Reconciliation Reconciling Recover Recovered Recovery Red Redeem Redeemed Redeemer Redemption Reed Refined Reflection Reformation Refraining Refreshed Refreshment Refuge Refuses Refuting 
Regard Regard-lightly Region Regions Register Registered Regret Regretted Regretting Rehoboam Reign Reigned Reigning Reigns Reimbursement Reject Rejected Rejected* Rejecting Rejects Rejoice Rejoiced Rejoices Rejoicing Rekindle Relative Relatives Relaxed Release Released Releasing Relief Relieve Relieved Religion Religious Remain Remained Remaining Remains Remember Remembered Remembering Remembers Remembrance Remind Reminded Reminder Reminding Remnant Removal Remove Removed Remphan Renew Renewal Renewed Renounce Renounced Rented Rented-house Renting Repaid Repay Repaying Repayment Repays Repent Repentance Repented Repenting Repents Repetitious  Replenished Replenishing Report Reported Reporting Reports Representation Reproach Reproached Reproaches Reproaching Reproof Reprove Reproved Reptiles Repute Reputed Request Requested Requesting Requests Required Requirements Rescue Rescued Rescues Rescuing Resembles Reside Resided Residence Residency Residing Resisting Resists Respect Respectable Respectively Rest Rested Restfulness Resting Restless Restoration Restored Restores Restoring Restraints Restricting Rests Resurrection Retaliated Retreat Retreating Retreats Return Returned Returning Reu Reuben Reveal Revealed Revealing Revelation Revelations Revelings Revere Reverence Reverent Revering Review Reviewing Reviled Reviler Revilers Reviling Revisit Reward Rewarder Rhegium Rhesa Rhoda Rhodes Ribs Rich Riches Richly
Ridden Ridiculed Ridiculing Right Righteous Righteously Righteousness Righteousnesses Ring Ringleader Rinsed Riot Rioters Riotous Riotousness Rip Ripe Ripped Ripping Rips Rise Rise* Risen Risen* Rises Rises* Rising Rising* Risked River Rivers Road Roads Roaring Roars Robbed Robber Robbers Robe Robes Rock Rocks Rocky-area Rocky-areas Rod Rods Rolled Rolling Roman Romans Rome Roof Room Rooster Root Rooted Roots Ropes Rose Rose* Rotated Rotted Rotten Rough Rouse Route Rowed Rowing Rows Royal Rubbing Rudder Rudders Rue Rufus Ruins Rule Ruler Rulers Rumor Run Running Runs Ruptured Rural-area Rushed Rust Ruth

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