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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - P
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Packed Packed-down Pact Pacts Paid-tithes Pain Pained Pains Palace Pale-green Pallet Pallets Palm Pamphylia Paper Paphos Parable Parables Paradise Paralytic Paralytics Paralyzed Parcel Parcels Parchments Parents Parmenas Part Partake Partakers Partakes Partaking Parthians Partially Parties Partner Partners Partnership Partook Parts Pass Passage Passed Passing Passing-out Passion Passions Passover Past Pasture Past-year Patara Patch Paths Patience Patiently Patmos Patriarch Patriarchs Patrobas Pattern Patterns Paul Paulus Paused Pauses Pavement Pay Paying Payment Peace Peaceful Peacemakers Pearl Pearls Pebble Peck Peddling Pedophiles Peer Peered Peleg Pen Penalty Penetrating Pentecost People Peoples Perceive Perceived Perceiving Perception Perchance Perez Perform Perfume Perfumes Perga Pergamus Perhaps Peril Perils Perish Perished Perishes Perishing Perjure Perjurers Permit Permits Permitted Permitting Perpetual Perplexed Perplexity  Persecute Persecuted Persecuting Persecution Persecutions Persecutor Perseverance Persevere Persevered Persevering Persis Persisting Persuade Persuaded Persuading Persuasion Persuasive Pertaining Perverse Pervert Perverted Perverting Pester Peter Petition Petitioned Petitioning Petitions Petty Phanuel Pharaoh Pharisee Pharisees Philadelphia Philemon Philetus Philip Philippi Philippians Philologus Philosophers Philosophy Phlegon Phoebe Phoenicia Phoenix Phrygia Phygelus Phylacteries Physical Physician Physicians Pick Picked Pieces Pierced Piety Pilate Piled Pilfer Pilfered Pilfering Piling Pillar Pillars Pilot Pinnacle Pint Pious Piped Pisidia Pit Pitched Pitcher Pitchers Pitiful Pity Place Placed Places Placing Plague Plagues Plain Plan Plan-for Planks Planned Planning Planning-for Plans Plant Planted Planting Plants Plate Platter Play Plead Pleaded Pleading Please Pleased Pleasing Plot Plotting Plow Plowing Pluck Plucking Plumpness Plunder Plundering Plus Pods Poets Point Poison Polished Pollutions Pomp Pondering Pontius Pontus Pool Poor Popped Porch Porches Porcius Portrayed Possess Possessed Possessing Possession Possessions Possible 
Postpone Postponed Pot Pots Potter Pound Poundage Pounded Pounds Pour Poured Pouring Poverty Power Powerful Powerless Powers Practice Practiced Practices Practicing Practicing-magic Praise Praised Praising Pray Prayed Prayer Prayers Praying Prays Preach Preached Preacher Preaching Prearrange Precede Precedes Preceding Precious Precisely Predefined Predetermined Preeminent Pregnant Pregnant* Prejudice Premature-baby Preparation Prepare Prepared Preparing Presence Present Present* Presented Presenting Presently Presents Preservation Preserving Press Pressed Pressing Pressure Pretended Pretext Prevail Prevailed Prevailing Prevails Prevented Preventing Previously Prey Price Priced Prices Priest Priesthood Priestly Priests Prime Principalities Principality Principles Prisca Priscilla Prison Prisoner Prisoners Prisons Privately Prize Probe Proceed Proceeded Prochorus Proclaim Proclaimed Proclaimer Proclaiming Proclaims Proconsul Proconsuls Procure Procured Produce Produced Produces Producing Product Profane Profess Professed Professing Professor Professors Profit
Profitable Profited Profiting Profits Progress Progressed Progressing Prolonging Prominence Prominent Promiscuity Promiscuous Promise Promised Promises Promising Promote Promotes Promptly Proof Propel Proper Properties Property Prophecy Prophesied Prophesies Prophesy Prophesying Prophet Prophetess Prophetic Prophets Proposes Prospered Prospering Prosperity Prospers Prostitute Prostitutes Protected Protecting Proved Proven Proverb Provide Provided Providing Province Proving Provisions Provoke Provoking Prow Prudence Prudent Prudently Prunes Psalm Psalms Ptolemais Public Publicly Public-reading Public-reforms Publius Pudens Puffed Puke Pull Pulled Pulling Punish Punished Punishing Punishment Puppies Purchased Pure Purely Purest Purification Purified Purifies Purify Purity Purple Purpose Purposed Pursue Pursued Pursuing Pursuit Pursuits Pushed Put Puteoli Puts Putting

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