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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - O
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O Oath Oaths Obed Obedience Obedient Obedient* Obey Obey* Obeyed Obeyed* Obeying Obeying* Objects Obligated Obscene Obscenity Observation Observe Observed Observing Obtain Obtainable Obtained Obtaining Obvious Occupy Off Offend Offended Offending Offends Offense Offenses Offer Offered Offering Offerings Offers Office Offspring Often Oil Old Oldness Old-wives Olive Olives Olympas Omega On Once One One-eyed Oneself Onesimus Onesiphorus Only Onto Onward Open Opened Opening Openly Opens Opponent Opportune Opportunely Opportunity Opposite Opposition Oppositions Oppressed Oppressing  Or Oracles Orator Ordained Ordeal Order Ordered Ordering Orderly Ordinance Ordinances Orphaned Orphans Other Others Otherwise Ought Ours Ourselves Out Outcome Outcry Outcrying Outer Outermost Outlet Outpouring Outside Outstretched Outward Oven Over Over-abound Over-abounded Overcame Overcome Overcomes Overcoming Overlooked Overseer Overseers Overseership Overshadow Overshadowed Overshadowing Oversight Overstretch Overtake Overtaken Overtakes Overthrown Overwhelmed Owe Owed Owes Owing Own Owners Ownership Oxen

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