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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - N
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Naaman Naggai Nahor Nahshon Nahum Nailed Nails Nain Naked Nakedness Name Named Names Naphtali Narcissus Nard Narrative Narrow Nathan Nathanael Nation Nations Natural Naturally Nature Nazarene Nazarenes Nazareth Neapolis Near Nearer Nearly Necessary Necessity Neck Need Needful Needle Needs Needy Neglect Neglected Neglecting Neighbor Neighbors Neither Nereus Neri Nest Nested Nests Net Nets Never Never$ Nevertheless New Newborn New-convert Newness New-wine Next Next-day  Nicanor Nicodemus Nicolaitans Nicolaus Nicopolis Niger Night Nights Nine Nine-gallon Ninety Nineveh Ninevites Ninth No Noah Noble Nobleman Noise Noisy Non-circumcised Non-distraction None Non-instructive Non-pretended Non-salty Nonsense Noose Nor North Northwest Not Notable Note Nothing Notice Noting Not-so Nourish Nourished Nourishes Nourishing Nourishment Now Nowhere Now-then Nullifies Nullifying Number Numbered Nurse Nursed Nursing Nutrition Nymphas

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