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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - M
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Maath Macedonia Macedonian Macedonians Made Made* Madness Magadan Magdalene Maggot Maggot-eaten Magic Magical Magician Magistrate Magistrates Magnificent Magnified Magnify Magnifying Magog Mahalaleel Maidservant Maidservants Majestic Majesty Make Make* Make-ready Makers Makes Makes* Making Making* Making-like Malchus Male Male-goats Males Malice Malicious Maliciousness Malta Mammals Man Manaen Manage Manasseh Manger Manifest Manifestation Manifested Manifesting Mankind Manly Man-made Manna Manner Mannerisms Manners Manure Manure-pile Many Marble March Marching Mark Market Market-loafers Marketplace Marketplaces Marks Marriage Marriage-bed Marriage-feast Married Marries Marrow Marry Marrying Martha Marvel Marveled Marveling Marvelous Mary Master Master* Mastered Masters  Mattatha Mattathias Matter Matters Matthan Matthat Matthew Matthias Mature Matured Maturity May Maybe Meal Mean Means Measure Measured Measures Measuring Meat Meat-markets Meats Meddler Medes Medicated Meditate Meek Meekness Meeting Melchi Melchizedek Melea Melt Member Members Memorial Men Mend Mending Menna Men-pleasers Mentally Merchandise Merchant Merchants Mercies Merciful Merciless Mercy Mercy-seat Mesopotamia Message Messenger Messengers Messiah Met Metaphor Metaphors Method Methuselah Michael Midday Middle Mid-heaven Midian Midnight Midst Might Mightier Mighty Mild Mile Miletus Military-barrier Milk Mill Mill-house Millstone Mind Mindful Mindlessness Minds Mindset Mindsets Mingle Mingled Minister* Ministering* Ministers* Ministry* Mint Miracle Miracles Mirror Miserable Miseries  Mislead Misleader Misleaders Misleading Misleads Misled Mistreat Mistreated Mistreating Mistreatment Mitylene Mixed Mixture Mnason Mock Mocked Mockers Mocking Model Moderate Modesty Moisture Molded Moloch Moment Momentary Moments Money Money-bag Money-bags Money-changers Money-lover Money-lovers Monies Month Months Moon Morals More More-daringly More-than More-value Morning Morning-star Morsel Mortal Mortify Moses Most Most-excellent Moth Moth-eaten Mother Mother-in-law Mothers Motivating Mount Mountain Mountains Mounted Mourn Mourned Mourning Mouth Mouths Move Moved Moving Mowed Much Mud Mulberry Multifaceted Multiplied Multiply Multiplying Multitude Multitudes Murder Murdered Murderer Murderers Murders Murmur Murmured Murmurers Murmuring Murmurings Musicians Mustard-seed Mute Mutilation Muzzle Myra Myrrh Myself Mysia Mysteries Mystery 

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