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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - L
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Labor Labored Laboring Labors Lack Lacked Lacking Lady Laid Laid-bare Lake Lama Lamb Lambs Lame Lamech Lamentation Lamp Lamps Lamp-stand Lamp-stands Land Lane Lanes Language Languages Lanterns Laodicea Laodiceans Large Lasea Lash Lashed Lashes Last Late Later Latin Laugh Laughing Laughter Launderer Lavish Law Lawful Lawfully Lawgiver Lawless Lawlessness Lawlessnesses Laws Lawsuit Lawsuits Lax Laxed Lay Laying Lays Lazarus Lazy Lead Leader Leaders Leading Leads Lean-back Leaned Leaned-back Leaping Learn Learned Learning Least Leather Leave Leaven Leavened Leavens Leaves Leaving Lebbaeus Lecturing Led Lee Left Leftover Legal Legion Legions Legs Leisure Lend Lender Lending Length Lengthen Lenient Leopard Leper Lepers Leprosy Less Lesser Lest Let Letter Letters Level-ground Leveling Levi Levite Levites Levitical Liable Liar Liars Liberal Liberality Liberally Liberate Liberated Liberating Liberty Libya Licking Lie Lied Lies Life Lifeless Lifestyle Lift Lifted Lifting Lifts Ligaments   Light Lightened Lightning Lightnings Lights Like Like-feelings Like-manner Like-minded Likeness Likenesses Likewise Likewise$ Lilies Limbs Limited Limits Lineage Linen Linen-strips Linus Lion Lions Lips Liquor Listen Listening Lit Liter Literal Literally Little Little-children Little-fish Live Lived Livelihood Lives Livestock Living Load Loaded Loading Loads Loaf Loan Loaves Locally Lock Locked Locusts Lodge Lodged Lodging Logical Loin Loins Lois Loiter Long Long-ago Longed-for Longer Long-for Long-hair Longing Longing-for Long-robe Long-sword Look Looked Looking Loose Loosed Loosen Loosening Loosens Looter Looters Lord Lording Lords Lordship Lordships Lose Loses Losing Loss Lost Lot Lots Loud Love Love$ Loved Loved$ Love-feasts Lovely Lovers Loves Loves$ Loving Loving$ Lower Lower-courts Lowered Lucius Luke Lukewarm Lust Lusted Lusts Luxurious Lycaonia Lycaonian Lycia Lydda Lydia Lying Lysanias Lysias Lystra

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