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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - B
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Jacob Jail Jailor Jairus Jambres James Jammed Jannai Jannes Jar Jared Jason Jasper Jaw Jealous Jealousies Jealousy Jechoniah Jehoram Jehoshaphat Jephthah Jeremiah Jericho Jerusalem Jesse Jesting Jesus Jettison Jew Jewess Jewish Jewish-convert Jewish-converts Jews Jezebel Joanan Joanna Job Joda Joel John Join Joined Joining Joint Jointly Joints Jonah Jonam Joppa Jordan Jorim Joseph Joses Joshua Josiah Jotham Journey Journeys Joy Joyful Joyfulness Joyous Judah Judaism Judas Jude Judea Judge Judged Judges Judging Judgment Judgments Judicial-seat Julia Julius Jump Jumped Junias Just Just-as Justice Justification Just-like Justus

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