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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - I
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I Iconium Idle Idol Idolater Idolaters Idolatries Idolatry Idols Idol-sacrifice Idol-sacrifices Idumaea If If-only Ignited Ignites Ignoble Ignorance Ignorant Ill Illegal Illegitimate Illiterate Illness Illuminated Illuminates Illuminating Illumination Illuminations Illustrious Illyricum Image Imitate Imitators Immanuel Immature Immeasurable Immeasurably Immediately Immerse* Immersed* Immerser* Immerses* Immersing* Immersion* Immersions* Immigrant Immoral Immortality Impaired Impartial Impartially Implacable Implanted Implore Imploring Impossible Impostors Impregnation Imprisoning Improper Improperly Improved Impulse In Inasmuch Inaugurated  Incapable Incense Incenses Incessant Incinerated Incinerating Incited Inciting Incorruptible Incorruption Increase Increased Increases Increasing Indecency Indecent Indecisive Indeed Indeed* Indescribable Indestructible Indicate Indicated Indicates Indicating Indicted Indignant Indignation Indistinct Individually Indulged Indulgence Inevitable Inexperienced Inexpressible Infant Infants Inferior Inflaming Inform Information Informed Infuriated Infused Ingest Inhabited-earth Inhabiting Inherit Inheritance Inheritances Inherited Inheriting Initiated Ink Inn Inner Innkeeper Innocent Innumerable Inopportunely Inquire Inquired Inquiring Inquiry Insane Insanity Inscribed Inscription Inside Insignia Insignificant Insisting Insofar Insolent Insomuch Instant Instantly Instead Instigated Instituted Institution Instruct Instructed Instructing Instruction Instructs Insulted Insulting Insults Integrity Intelligence Intelligent Intense Intensely Intention Interest Interference Intermediary Intermediated Interpretation Interpreted Interpreting Interrogate Interrogated Intersection Interval Intimate Intimidate Into Invalidated Invalidating Inventors Investigate Investigating Invisible Invite Invited Invites Involuntarily Involve Inward Iota Iron Irreproachable Irreverence Irritate Irritated Is* Isaac Isaiah Iscariot Island Isle Israel Israelite Israelites Issachar It Italian Italy Itchy Itself Ituraea Ivory

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