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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - G
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Gabbatha Gabriel Gad Gadarenes Gag Gain Gained Gains Gaius Galatia Galatians Gale Galilean Galileans Galilee Gall Gallio Gamaliel Gang Gangrene Garbage Garden Gardener Garlands Garment Garments Gate Gates Gather Gathered Gathering Gathering-together Gathers Gave Gave-birth Gave-divine Gave-rest Gave-thanks Gaza Genealogies Genealogy Generation Generations Generosity Generous Gennesaret Gentile Gentiles Gentle Gentleness Genuine Genuinely Genuineness Gergesenes Gesture Get Get-close Gethsemane Getting Gideon Gift Gift* Gifts Gifts* Gird Girded Girding Girl Give Give-birth Give-divine Give-life Given Given-life Given-rest Given-thanks Giver Give-rest Gives Gives-birth Gives-divine Gives-life Gives-thanks Give-thanks Giving Giving-birth Giving-divine Giving-life Giving-rest Giving-thanks Glad Gladly Gladness Glass Glassy Gleaming Gloom Gloomy Glories Glorified Glorify Glorifying Glorious Glory Glutton Gluttons Gnashing Gnat Gnawing Go Goal Goat Goats Gushing God Goddess God-fearing Godless Godliness Godliness* Gods Goes Gog Going Going-abroad Gold Golden Golgotha Gomorrah Gone Gone-by Good Good* Goodbye Good-bye Good-doing Good-fortune Goodness Good-news Good-repute Goods Gossiping Gossips Got Govern Governing Government Governor Governors Grab Grabbed Grabbing Grabs Grace Gracious* Graft Grafted Grain Grainfields Grandchildren Grandmother Grant Granted Granting Grape-cluster Grape-clusters Grasp Grass Gratitude Great Greater Greatest Greatly Greatly-valued Great-men Greatness Grecian Greece Greed Greedy Greedy-acts Greek Greeks Green Greet Greeted Greeting Greetings Greets Grew Grieve Grieving Grievous Grinding Grinds Groan Groaned Groaning Groans Grope Ground Grounded Groups Grow Growing Grown Growth Guarantee Guard Guarded Guardians Guarding Guards Guestroom Guide Guides Guiding Guilt-free Guiltless

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