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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - F
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Fables Fabric Fabricated Face Faces Fade Fail Failing Fails Faint Fainthearted Fainting Fair-weather Faith Faithful Faithfully Fall Fall-asleep Fallen Fallen-asleep Fall-flat Falling Falling-asleep Falls Falsely Fame Families Family Famine Famines Fan Far Faraway Farewell Farmer Farmers Farmland Farmlands Farms Far-spent Farther Fashion Fashioned Fashioning Fashions Fast Fasted Fastened Fasting Fastings Fasts Father Fathered Father-in-law Fatherland Fathers Fathoms Fatigued Fattened Favor Favored Favoritism Favors Fear Feared Fearful Fearing Fearless Fearlessly Fears Feast Feasting Fed Feed Feeding Feet Felix Fell Fell-asleep Fellow Fellow-citizen Fellowship Female Females Fence Fences   Ferried Ferry Ferrying Fertile Festal-gathering Festival Festus Fetched Fever Fevered Fevers Few Fickleness Field Fields Fierce Fiery Fifteen Fifteenth Fifth Fifty Fifty-three Fig Fight Fighting Figs Figure Fill Filled Filling Fills Filth Filthiness Filthy Find Finding Finding-fault Finds Fine-flour Fine-linen Finger Fingers Finish Fire Firmness First Firstborn First-fruit First-given Fish Fishermen Fishhook Fist Fit Fitly Five Five-times Flame Flashed Flashes Flashing Flask Flattering-words Flattery Flavorless Flawless Flax-linen Fled Flee Fleeing Flees Flesh Fleshly Flight Flock Flog Flogging Flood Flooded Floor Flour Flow Flower Flowing Flute Flute-players Fly Flying Foaming Foams Foliage Follow Followed Following Food Food-allowance Foods Fool Foolish Foolishness Foolish-talk Fools Foot Footed Footprints Footstool *For For For* Forbade Forbearance Forbearing Forbid Forbidden Forbidding Forbids Forecourt Forefathers Forehead Foreheads Foreign Foreigner Foreigners Foreknowledge Foremost Foremost-place Foremost-places Forerunner Foresail Foreseeing Foreseen Forest Forethought Foretold Forever Forevermore Forfeit Forfeited Forfeiting Forfeiture Forgave Forgave* Forget Forgetful Forgetfulness Forgetting Forgive Forgive* Forgiven Forgiven* Forgiveness Forgives Forgiving Forgiving* Forgot Forgotten Form Formed Former Formerly Fornicate Fornicated Fornicating Fornication Fornications Fornicator Fornicators
Forsake Forsaken Forsaking Forsook For-sure Forth Fortunate Fortunatus Fortune-telling Forty Forty-four Forty-six Forty-two Forward Foster-brother Fought Found Foundation Foundations Founded Found-fault Four Four-denarii Fourteen Fourteenth Fourth Fox Foxes Fracture Fractured Frame Framed Frankincense Frankly Free Freedman Freedmen Freedom Freely Frequent Frequently Fresh Friend Friendly Friends Friendship Frogs From Front Fruit Fruitful Fruits Fulfill Fulfilled Fulfilling Fulfillment Full Full-armor Fullness Full-washing Fully Fully-professing Fully-wash Fully-washed Function Fundamental Funeral Furies Furious Furiously Furled Furlongs Furnace Furnished Further Furthermore Fury Futile Futility Future

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