The MLV is only English Bible that ever made ways for you to make sure there are no mistakes in it.
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Open Source as in you (yes, you) can submit any correction that is not "Thus saith the Greek."  We want "Error-free."

Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - E
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Each Each-time Eager Eagerly Eagerness Eagle Ear Earnest Earnestly Earnings Ears Earth Earthly Earthquake Earthquakes Easier Easily East Easy Eat Eaten Eating Eating-away Eats Eber Echoed Edge Edged Edges Edible Educated Educating Education Effective Egg Egypt Egyptian Egyptians Eight Eighteen Eight-gallon Eighth Eighty Either Elamites Elapsed Elder Elderliness Elderly Elderly-council Elderly-man Elderly-men Elderly-women Elders Eldership Eleazar Elect Elements Elevation Eleven Eleventh Eli Eliakim Eliezer Elijah Elisabeth Elisha Eliud Elmadam Eloi Elsewhere Elude Eluded Eluding Elymas Embarrassed Embarrassing Embittered   Embraced Emerald Emmaus Emotions Emperor Empowered Empowering Emptied Emptiness Empty Empty-head Empty-talkers Empty-talking Empty-talks Encamped Encampment Encampments Encompassed Encompassing Encounter Encounter* Encountered Encountered* Encountering Encountering* Encourage Encouraged Encouragement Encourages Encouraging Encumber Encumbering End Ended Ends Endurance Endure Endured Enduring Enemies Enemy Enforced Engaged Engraved Engulfed Enjoyment Enlighten Enlightened Enlisted Enoch Enormous Enos Enough Enraged Enriched Enriching Enrolled Enshrouded Enslave Enslaved Enslaving  Ensnare Ensuing Entangled Entangles Enter Entered Entering Enters Entice Enticed Enticing Entirely Entombed Entrance Entrusted Entrusting Entwined Enumerated Envies Envy Envying Epaenetus Epaphras Epaphroditus Ephesian Ephesians Ephesus Ephphatha Ephraim Epicureans Epileptic Equal Equality Equally Equipped Equipping Er Erastus Error Esau Esli Especially Espoused Essence Essential Establish Established Establishing Estate Esteem Eternal Ethiopia Ethnarch Eubulus Eunice Eunuch Eunuchs Euodia Euphrates Euroclydon Eutychus Evaded Evangelist Evangelists Eve Even Evening Even-less Even-more Ever Everlasting Every Everyday Everyone Every-side Everything Everywhere  Evident Evil Evil-cursing Evildoer Evildoers Evilly Evils Exact Exactness Exalt Exalted Exalting Exalts Examination Examined Examining Example Examples Exceedingly Excellence Excellent Except Except* Except-for Exceptionally Exchange Exchanged Exchange-for Exchanging Excuse Excused Executioner Exercise Exercised Exercises Exercising Exhorted Exile Exiled Exiling Exist Existing Exists Exodus Exorcists Expect Expectancy Expectation Expecting Expelled Expelling Expert Expert-builder Expired Explain Expounded Expounding Expressly Exterminate Exterminated Extolled Extolling Extols Extremely Eye Eyes Eye-salve Eye-service Eye-services Eye-witnessed Eyewitnesses

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