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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - D
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Daily Dalmanutha Dalmatia Damage Damaris Damascenes Damascus Dance Danced Dancers Dangerous Daniel Dare Daring Dark Darkened Darkness Darnels Darts Dashed Daughter Daughter-in-law Daughters David Dawn Dawning Day Daybreak Days Daytime Dazzling Deacons Dead Dead* Deadly Deadness Deaf Dealing Dealings Dealt Death Deaths Debate Debater Debates Debating Debt Debtor Debtors Debts Decapitated Decapolis Decay Decayed Decaying Deceit Deceive Deceived Deceivers Deceiving Decency Decent Decently Deception Decided Deciding Decipher Decision Declaration Declarations Decree Decrees Deem Deemed Deeming Deep Deepened Deeply Defamation Defending Defense Deficient Defile Defiled Defilement Defilements Defiling Definite-proofs Defraud Defrauded Defying Deity Delay Delaying Delays Delegated Deliberation Deliberations Delight Delighted Delighting Delight-inwardly Deliverance Delude Deluding Deluge Demand Demas Demeanor Demetrius Demolished Demolishing Demolition   Demon Demonic Demon-possessed Demons Demonstration Den Denarii Denarius Denied Denies Deny Denying Depart Departed Departing Departs Departure Deposit Depository Depressed Deprive Deprived Depth Depths Derbe Derive Describe Described Describes Describing Desecrate Desecrated Desecrates Designate Designated Designates Designating Desire Desired Desirers Desiring Desolate Desolation Despaired Despairing Despise Despised Despisers Despising Destined Destroy Destroyed Destroyer Destruction Determined Determines Detest Detestable Detrimental Devastating Deviated Device Devices Devil Devised Devoted Devour Devoured Devouring Devours Devout Devoutly Diadems Didymus Die Die* Died Dies Different Differently Difficulty Dig Diligence Diligent Diligent-aid Diligently Dill Diminished Dimly Dimness Dine Dinner Dionysius Diotrephes Dip Dip-out Dipped Dipped-out Dips Direct Directed Dirt Disabled Disagreed Disappear Disappearing Disappears Disaster Disbanded  Disbelieved Disbelieves Disbelieving Discern Discerning Discernings Disciple DisciplesDiscipline Disciplined Disciplines Disciplining Disclose Disclosed Disclosing Discouraged Disease Diseased Diseases Disfigure Disgrace Disgracing Dish Disheartened Dishonor Dishonored Dishonoring Dismal Dismay Dismiss Dismissed Dismissing Disobedience Disobedience* Disobedient Disorder Disorderly Disorders Dispersed Dispersion Displeased Dispute Disregarded Disrepute Dissension Dissensions Dissolved Distant Distinct Distinction Distinctly Distracted Distress Distressed Distresses Distribute Distributed Distributes Distributions Districts Disturbance Disturbances Disturbed Disturbing Ditch Diversities Divide Divided Divider Dividing Divination Divine Divine* Divine-answer Divinely-called Divinely-spoken Divinely-warned Divinity Division Divorce Divorced Divorcement Divorces Divulge Divulged 

Do-away-with Document Doer Doers Does-away-with Dog Dogs Doing Doing-away-with Domestic Dominate Dominion Dominions Donation DoneDone-away Done-away-with Donkey Doomed Door Doorkeeper Doors Dorcas Double Double-tongued Doubt Doubting Dove Doves Down Downfall Down-payment Downtrodden Downward Drag Dragged Dragging Dragnet Dragon Drags Drank Draw Drawing Drawn Draws Dream Dreaming Dreams Dreary Dress Dressed Dressed-up Dresses-up Dressing Drew Dried Drift Drink Drinker Drinking Drinking-bouts Drink-offering Drinks Drive Driven Drooping Dropped Drops Dropsy Drove Drunk Drunkard Drunkards Drunken Drunkenness Drusilla Dry Dues Dug Dumbfounded Dusk Dust Duties Dwell Dwellers Dwelling Dwells Dwelt Dying Dysentery

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