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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - C
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Cables Caesar Caesarea Caiaphas Cain Cainan Calamities Calamity Calculate Calculated Calf Call Call* Called Called* Calling Calls Calls* Calm Calves Came Came* Camel Camp-commander Camped Camping Cana Canaan Canaanite Candace Capernaum Cappadocia Captive Captives Captivity Captured Capturing Caravan Carcasses Care Cared Carefree Carefully Cargo Cargo-ship Caring Carnelian Carob Caroused Carousing Carpenter Carpus Carried Carries Carry Carrying Carved Case Cast Casting Castrate Casts Catastrophe Catch Catching Cattle-prods Caught Cause Caused-sorrow Causing Causing-splits Cavalier Cave Caves Cease Ceased Ceasing Celebrate Cell Cellar Cenchreae Censer Census Centurion Centurion* Centurions Cephas Ceremonial Certain Certainly Certain-person Certainty Chaff Chain Chains Chairs Chalcedony Chaldeans Chamber Chambers Chance Chanced Change Changed Changing Character Charge Charged Chariot Chariots Charity Chasm Cheat Cheated Cheek Cheerful Cheerfully Cherish Cherishing Cherubim Chest Chests Chief Chief-shepherd Child Childbearing Childhood Childless Children Chios Chloe Choice Choke Choked Choking Choose Choosing Chorazin Chose Chosen Christ Christian Christians Christs Chrysolite Chrysoprase Chuza Cilicia Cinnamon Circle Circulate Circumcise   Circumcised Circumcision Cities Citizen Citizens Citizenship Citron City Claiming Clanging Clarifying Clarity Class Class* Clauda Claudia Claudius Clay Clean Cleanness Cleanse Cleansed Cleanses Cleansing Clear Clearly Clement Cleopas Cliff Cloak Clopas Close Closed Closely Closer Cloth Clothe Clothed Clothes Clothing Cloud Clouds Clubs Clusters Clutched Cnidus Coal-fire Coasting-along Coat Cohort Coil Coiled Coin Coinage Coincidence Coins Cold Cold-hearted Colleague Collect Collected Collecting Collection Collections Collector Collectors Colony Colosse Colt Combating Combining Come Come* Come-here Comes Come-short Comes-short Comfort Comforted Coming Coming-short Command Commanded Commander Commanders Commanding Commandment Commandments Commands Commend Commendation Commended Commending Commends Commission Commissioner Commit Committed Committing Common Companies Companions Compare Comparing Compassion Compassionate Compel Compelled Compels Compensating Compensations Competent Compile Complainers Complaint Complete Completed Completely Completer Completing Completion Compliant Composure Comprehend Comprehended Comprehending  Comprehension Compulsion Comrade Comrades Conceit Conceited Conceive Conceived Conception Concerning Concession Concluding Condemn Condemnable Condemnation Condemned Condemning Condemns Conduct Conducted Conducted-ourselves Conducted-themselves Conducting Conducting-themselves Conduct-themselves Confess Confessed Confessedly Confesses Confessing Confession Confidence Confidently Confirm Confirmation Confirmed Confirming Conflict Confused Confusing Confusion Congregation Congregation* Congregations* Conquered Conscience Consciences Conscious Consciousness Consenting Consents Consequently* Consider Considerable Considered Considering Consign Consigned Consigning Consolation Console Consoling Conspiracy Constable Constant Constantly Constrained Constructed Consult Consume Consumed Consuming Contained Container Containers Containing Contemplating Contemplation Contemplations Contemporaries Contended Contending Contends Content Contention Contentious Contentment Contest Continual Continually Continuing Contract Contractor Contradict Contradicting Contrariwise Contrary Contribute Conversed Conversing Convict Convicted Convicting Conviction Convicts Convulsed Convulses Convulsing Cool Copies Copper Coppersmith Copy Corban Corinth Corinthians Cornelius Corner Cornered Corners Cornerstone Corpse Corpses Correction

Correctly Corrector Correctors Corresponds Corrupt Corrupted Corruptible Corrupting Corruption Corrupts Cos Cosam Cost Costliness Costly Cot Cots Council Councils Counsel Counseled Counseling Counselor Count Counted Countenance Counterpart Counterparts Counting Countrymen Counts Couple Couplings Courage Courageous Course Court Courteously Courts Courtyard Cousin Covenant Covenant* Covenant-breakers Covenanted Covenants* Cover Covered Covertly Cover-up Covet Coveted Coveting Covetous Covetously Cowardice Cowardly Craft Craftily Craftiness Craftsman Craftsmen Crafty Crashing-sound Crazy Create Created Creation Creator Creature Creatures Credit Crescens Cretans Crete Cried Cried-out Cries Crime Crimeless Criminal Criminals Crippled Crispus Crooked Cross Crossed Crow Crowd Crowding Crowds Crowed Crowing Crown Crowned Crowns Crows Crucified Crucify Crucifying Cruel Cruelty Crumbs Crush Crushed Crushing Cry Crying Cry-out Crystal Crystal-like Cubit Cubits Cultivated Cultivation Cultured Cumin Cup Cups Cured Current Curse Cursed Curtain Cushion Custom Customs Cut Cut-short Cutting Cutting-short Cutting-straight Cycle Cymbal Cyprus Cyrene

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