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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - B
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Baal Babbler Babies Baby Babylon Back Backs Backward Baggage Balaam Balak Balance Banded Banished Banishing Bank Bankers Banquet Barabbas Barachiah Barak Barbarian Barbarians Barley Barn Barnabas Barns Barren Barsabbas Bartholomew Bartimaeus Base Bashed Basket Baskets Batch Batter Battered Bay Be* Beach Beached Beam Bear Bear-fruit Bearing Bearing-fruit Bears Bears-fruit Beast Beasts Beat Beaten Beating Beats Beautiful Beauty Became Became-futile Became-poor Because Beckoned Become Become-callous Become-obsolete Becomes Becomes-obsolete Becoming Becoming-powerful Becoming-useless Bed Bedrock Bedroom Beelzebub Befall Befallen Befalling Befell Before Beforehand Beg Began Begging Begin Beginning Beginnings Begotten Begun Behalf  Behave Behave-as Behaved-as Behaving Beheaded Behind Behold Being* Belial Believe Believed Believer Believers Believes Believing Belly Belongs Beloved Below Belt Belts Benefactors Beneficial Benefit Benevolence Benjamin Beor Berate Berea Bernice Beryl Beseech Beseeching Beside Besides Besought Best Bestowed Bestowing Bethany Bethesda Bethlehem Bethphage Bethsaida Betrayer Betrayers Betroth Betrothed Betroths Better Between Beware Bewitched Beyond Beyond-that Bias Bid Bidding Bier Big Billows Bind Binding Bird Birds Birth Birthday Birthright Bit Bithyna Biting Bits Bitter Bitterly Bitterly-angry Bitterness Black Blackness Blade Blame
Blamed Blameless Blaspheme Blasphemed Blasphemer Blasphemers Blasphemes Blasphemies Blaspheming Blasphemous Blasphemy Blastus Blemishes Bless Blessed Blessed* Blesses Blessing Blessings Blew Blind Blinded Blink Block Blood Bloods Bloomed Blow Blowing Blown Boanerges Board Boarding-house Boast Boasted Boasting Boasts Boat Boaz Bobbing Bodies Bodily Body Bold Boldly Boldness Bond Bondage Bonds Bondservant Bondservants Bone Bones Book Books Borders Bore Born Borne Borrow Bosom Both Bother Bothered Bothering Bottom Bought Bound Bounties Bounty Bow Bowed Bowels Bowing Bowl Bowls Box Boy Boys Brag Braggarts Braided Braiding Braids Brains Branch Branches Branded Brands Brass Bread 

Break Breaking Breakup Breastplate Breastplates Breasts Breath Breathed Breathing Brethren Bridal-party Bride Bridegroom Bridle Bridles Briefest Briefly Bright Brightness Brilliance Brimstone Bring Bring* Bringing Bringing* Brings Broad Broadcast Broadcasted Broiled Broke Broken Brokers Bronze-coin Bronze-coins Brood Brother Brotherhood Brotherly-love Brothers Brought Brought* Brought-under Brow Bruised Bruising Brush Bucket Buffeting Build Builders Building Buildings Builds Built Bull Bulls Bully Bunch Bundles Bunk Burden Burdened Burdens Burdensome Burial Buried Burn Burned Burn-incense Burning Burns Burnt Burnt-offerings Burrow Burrowed Burrows Burst Bursts Bury Bush Business Busybodies But Butcher But-rather Buy Buying Buys By

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