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Modern Literal Version English N.T. Concordance - A
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Aaron Abba Abbadon Abel Abhorring Abiathar Abide Abides Abiding Abijah Abilene Ability Abiud Able Abode Abodes Abomination Abominations Abound Abounded Abounding Abounds About About-law Above Abraham Absence Absent Absolutely Abstain Abundance Abundantly Abuse Abused Abyss Accept Acceptable Acceptance Accepted Accepting Accepts Access Accompanying Accord According Accordingly Account Accumulated Accumulating Accurately Accursed Accusation Accusations Accuse Accused Accuser Accusers Accuses Accusing Accustomed Achaia Achaicus Achieve Achim Acquaintance Acquaintances Acquired Acquiring Acquisition Act-disorderly Active Actually Adam Add Added Addi Adding Additionally Address Addressed Addressing Adds Adhered Adjoining Admired Admiring Admonish Admonishing Admonition Adorn Adorned Adorning Adornment Adramyttium Adriatic Adulterating Adulterers Adulteress Adulteresses Adulteries Adulterous Adultery Advanced Advantageous Adversaries Adversary Adverse Advising Aeneas Aenon Afar Affairs Affectionate Affections Affirming Afflicted Afflicting Affliction Afflictions Afraid After Afterwards Agabus Again Against Age Age* Aged Agents Ages Aggravate Agitated Agony Agree Agreeable Agreed Agreement Agrippa Ah Ahaz Ahead Aim Air Akeldama Alabaster Alarmed Alexander Alexandria Alien Alienated Aliens Alive All Allegorized Alliance Allotted Allow Allowed Allowing Allows Almighty Almost Aloes Alone Along Alongside Alpha Alphabet Alphaeus Already Altar Altars Alters Although Altogether Always Amassed Amazed Amazement Ambassador Ambassador* Ambassadors Ambassadors* Ambition Ambitions Amen Amend Amethyst Amminadab Amon Among Amos Amphipolis Amplias Analogy Ananias
Ancestors Ancestral Anchor Anchored Anchors Ancient Ancients Andrew Andronicus Anew Anger Angry Anguish Animal Animals Ankles Anna Annas Anoint Anointed Anointing Another Answer Answered Answering Answers Antichrist Antichrists Anticipated Antioch Antipas Antipatris Anxieties Anxiety Anxious Any Anymore Anyone Anything Anytime Any-value Anyway Apathetic Apelles Apiece Apollonia Apollos Apollyon Apostasy Apostle Apostles Apostleship Apparel Apparent Apparition Appeal Appealed Appealing Appear Appearance Appeared Appearing Appears Apphia Appius Apply Appointed Appointed* Appointed-day Appointing Apprehension Appropriate Appropriated Approve Approved Approving Approximately Aprons Aquila Arabia Arabs Arbitrate Archangel Archelaus Archippus Are* Areopagite Areopagus Aretas Arguing Arimathaea Arise Arisen Arising Aristarchus Aristobulus Ark Arm Armed Armies Arms Army Aroma Arose  Around Arouse Aroused Arphaxad Array Arrayed Arrest Arrested Arrive Arrived Arrived-unexpectedly Arrive-unexpectedly Arrogant Arrogant-people Artemas Artemis Arts As Asa Ascend Ascended Ascending Ascends Ascertained Ashamed Asher Ashes Asia Aside Ask Asked Asking Asks Aspiring Asps Assassinate Assassinated Assassinates Assassinating Assassination Assassins Assembled Assembly Assent Assign Assigned Assistance Assistant Assisted Associations Assorted Assos Assume Assuming Assurance Assure Assured Assuredly Astonished Astonishing Astonishment Astounded Asyncritus At Ate Athens Atonement Attached Attack Attain Attained Attalia Attempt Attempted Attempting Attend Attendant Attendants Attended Attire Attract Attracting Audience Auditorium Augustus Austere Author Authorities Authority Autumn Autumn-fruits Avenge Avenged Avenger Avenging Avoid Avoiding Await Awaken Awakening Away Ax Azor Azotus

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