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[John 8] 8:1 but Jesus traveled to the Mountain of Olives.

     8:2 Now from daybreak, he came again into the temple and all the people were coming to him, and having sat down, he was teaching them.

     8:3 Now the scribes and the Pharisees lead a woman having been overtaken in adultery to him, and having stood her in the middle of them, 8:4 they say to him, testing him, Teacher, this woman was overtaken in the very-act of committing adultery. 8:5 Now Moses commanded us in the law such ones are to be stoned. Therefore what do you say? 8:6 But they were saying this thing, testing him, in order that they may have something to accuse him.

     But Jesus stooped downward and with his finger was writing in the soil and making-like nothing was happening. 8:7 Now as they were remaining, asking him, he stood-erect and said to them, The sinless one among youĎ, let him cast the first stone upon her.8:8 And again he stooped downward and was writing in the soil.

     8:9 Now when they heard it, being convicted by their conscience, they were going out one by one, having begun from the elder ones and Jesus was being left alone, and the woman being inhis midst.

     8:10 Now Jesus stood-erect and saw no one except the woman and said to her, Where are thosemen, your accusers? Did no one condemn you?

     8:11 Now she said, No one, Lord.

     Now Jesus said, Neither do I judge you. Travel on and sin no longer!

     8:12 Therefore, again Jesus spoke to them, saying, I am the light of the world. He who is following me may never* walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life.

     8:13 Therefore the Pharisees said to him, You are testifying concerning yourself; your testimony is not true.

     8:14 Jesus answered and said to them, Even if I testify concerning myself, my testimony is true, because I know from where I come and where I am going, but youĎ do not know from where I come or where I am going. 8:15YouĎ judge according to the flesh; I judge no one according to the flesh.8:16And even if I judge, my judgment is true, because I am not alone, but I and the Father who sent me.8:17And it has been written in yourĎ law, that the testimony of two men is true. {Deu 19:15}8:18I am he who is testifying concerning myself and the Father who sent me is testifying concerning me.

     8:19 Therefore they were saying to him, Where is your Father?

     Jesus answered, YouĎ know neither me, nor my Father; if youĎ knew me, youĎ would also know my Father.8:20 (Jesus spoke these words in the treasury, while teaching in the temple and no one arrested him, because his hour had not come yet.)

     8:21 Therefore Jesus said again to them, I am going away and youĎ will be seeking me and will be dying in yourĎ sin; where I am going, youĎ are not able to come.

     8:22 Therefore the Jews were saying, Will he kill himself, because he says, Where I am going, youĎ are not able to come?

     8:23 And he said to them, YouĎ are from below; I am from above. YouĎ are from this world; I am not from this world. 8:24Therefore I said to youĎ, that youĎ will be dying in yourĎ sins; for* if youĎ do not believe that I am, youĎ will be dying in yourĎ sins.

     8:25 Therefore they were saying to him, Who are you?

     And Jesus said to them, The beginning, which is something that I am also speaking to youĎ.8:26I have many things to speak and to judge concerning youĎ, but he who sent me is true, and the things which I heard from him, I am speaking these things to the world.8:27 (They did not know that he spoke concerning the Father to them.) 8:28 Therefore Jesus said to them, Whenever youĎhave exalted the Son of Man, then youĎ will know that I am he and that I am doing nothing from myself, but just-as my Father taught me, I am speaking these things to the world. 8:29And he who sent me is with me; the Father has not left me alone, because I am always doing those things pleasing to him.8:30While speaking these things, many believed in him.

     8:31 Therefore Jesus said to those Jews who have believed in him, If youĎ abide in my word,then youĎ truly are my disciples; 8:32and youĎ will know the truth and the truth will be making youĎ free.8:33 They answered him, We are Abraham's seed and have been enslaved to no one at anytime. How do you say, YouĎ will become free?

     8:34 Jesus answered them, Assuredly, assuredly, I am saying to youĎ, Everyone who practices sin is the bondservant of sin.

     8:35Now the bondservant does not abide in the house forever; the son abides forever. 8:36Therefore, if the Son makes youĎ free, youĎ really will be free. 8:37I know that youĎ are Abraham's seed; yet youĎ are seeking to kill me, because my word is not making room in youĎin yourĎhearts.8:38I am speaking the things which I have seen from my Father and therefore youĎ are practicing what youĎ have seen from yourĎ father.

     8:39 They answered and said to him, Our father is Abraham.

     Jesus says to them, If youĎ were Abraham's children, were youĎever practicing the works of Abraham? 8:40But now youĎ are seeking to kill me, a man who has spoken the truth to youĎ, which I heard from God. Abraham did not ever do this.8:41YouĎ are practicing the works of yourĎfather.

     Therefore they said to him, We have not been born from fornication; we have one FatherС God.

     8:42 Therefore Jesus said to them, If God was yourĎ Father, youĎ would love* me; for* I came out and have come from God; for* neither have I come from myself, but from that one who sent me.8:43Why do youĎ not know my speech? Is it because youĎ are not able to hear my word?8:44YouĎ are from yourĎ father, the devil, and youĎ to do the lusts of yourĎ father. That one was a murderer from the beginning and is not standing in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own things, because he is a liar and the father of it.8:45But because I speak the truth, youĎ do notbelieve me.8:46Which out of youĎ convicts me concerning sin? But if I speak the truth, why are youĎ not believing in me? 8:47He who is from God hears the declarations of God, but because of this, youĎ do not hear them, because youĎ are not from God.

     8:48 Therefore the Jews answered and said to him, Do we not say well that you are a Samaritan and you have a demon?

     8:49 Jesus answered, I do not have a demon, but I am honoring my Father and youĎ are dishonoring me.8:50 But I am not seeking my own glory. There is one who is seeking and is judging.8:51Assuredly, assuredly, I am saying to youĎ, If anyone keeps my word, he may never*view his death forever.

     8:52 The Jews said to him, Now we have known that you have a demon. Abraham died and the prophets, and you say, If anyone keeps my word, he may never* taste of death forever. 8:53 You are not greater than our father Abraham, who died, are you? And the prophets died; whom are you making* yourself out to be?

     8:54 Jesus answered, If I am glorifying myself, my glory is nothing; it is my Father who is glorifying me; of whom youĎ say, that he is our God.8:55And youĎ have not known him, but I know him, and if I say, I do not know him, I will be similar to youĎ, a liar, but I know him and I am keeping his word.8:56YourĎ father Abraham was glad that* he might see my day, and he saw it and rejoiced.

     8:57 Therefore the Jews said to him, You do not yet have fifty years in and you have seen Abraham?

     8:58 Jesus said to them, Assuredly, assuredly, I am saying to youĎ, Before Abraham was born, I am.8:59 Therefore, they took up stones in order that they might cast them at him, but Jesus was hidden and went forth out of the temple, having gone right through the middle of them and so he was passing away.

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