Modern Literal Version
Modern Literal Version
[ Acts 1]

     {Events from 30 - 63 AD are recorded including all the examples of Christian conversions. Tiberius Caesar, Emperor, 14-37 AD. Pontius Pilate, governor of Judea. Herod Antipas, governor of Galilee.}

     1:1 O Theophilus, I indeed made* the first account concerning all that Jesus began both to do and to teach, 1:2 till the day in which he was received up, having commanded through the Holy Spirit to the apostles whom he had chosen.

     {Luk 24:44-49 & Acts 1:3-8 & 1Co 15:7 Jerusalem.}

     1:3The apostles to whom, he also presented himself as living in many definite-proofs after he had suffered on the cross, being seen by them throughout forty days and speaking the things concerning the kingdom of God. 1:4 And, being assembled {Or: eating} together with them, he commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to remain until the promise of the Father, Which, (he said)YouĎhave heard from me;1:5because John indeed immersed* in water, but youĎ will be immersed* in theHoly Spirit after not these many days {i.e. a few days}.

     {May 18, 30AD Mount of Olives.}

     1:6 Therefore indeed, having come together, they asked him, saying, Lord, are you restoring the kingdom to Israel at this time?

     1:7 Now he said to them, It is not yoursĎ to know times or seasons, which the Father placed in his own authority.1:8But youĎ will be receiving power when* the Holy Spirit comes upon youĎ, and youĎwill be witnesses to me, both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the outermost partsof the earth.

     {Mar 16:19-20 & Luk 24:50-53 & Acts 1:9-12 Olivet, between Jerusalem and Bethany.}

     1:9 And having said these things, and while looking at him, he was lifted up, and a cloud received him out of their staring eyes. 1:10 And as they were staring while* he was traveling on into heaven, and behold, two men stood beside them in white apparel; 1:11 who also said, Men, Galileans! Why are youĎ standing here, looking into heaven? This Jesus, who was received up from youĎ into heaven will be coming back thus in the manner youĎ saw him traveling on into heaven. {Acts 1:11 & Mat 24:27, 24:29-31 & Mar 13:24-37 & Luk 21:25-28 & 1Th 4:13-17 & 2Th 1:7-9 & 1Co 15:51-15:58 & Rev 1:7 Second Coming.}

     1:12 Then they returned to Jerusalem from the mountain called Olives, which is near Jerusalem, a Sabbath's journey off. 1:13 And having entered, they went up into the upstairs-room, where they were remaining; both Peter and John and James and Andrew, Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus and Simon the Zealot and Judas the son of James {Or: brother. See Jude.}. 1:14 All these men together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus and together with his brethren were persevering, united in prayer and supplication.

     1:15 And Peter stood up in these days in the midst of the disciples (and a crowd of people {Greek: names. See: Rev. 3:4.} were in the same place, approximately a hundred and twenty) and said, 1:16Brethren, it was essential that this Scripture might be fulfilled, which the Holy Spirit said beforehand through the mouth of David concerning Judas, who became a guide to those who took Jesus, 1:17because he was numbered together with us and was allotted his inheritance in this service.

     {Mat 27:3-10 & Acts 1:18-19.}

     1:18 (Therefore indeed, this one procured a parcel of ground from the reward of hisunrighteousness, and he happened to fall-flat and ruptured in the middle and all his bowels were poured out. 1:19 And it became known to all the dwellers in Jerusalem; so-that in their own language this place was called Akeldama, that is, The Place of Blood.) 1:20 For* it has been written in the book of Psalms, 'Let his habitation become desolate and do not let there be one dwelling in it' {Psa 69:25}and, 'Let a different one take his overseership.' {Psa 109:8}1:21 Therefore, of those men who have come together with us all the time in which the Lord Jesus entered in and went out among us, 1:22having begun from the immersion* of John, to the day from which he was received up from us, it is essential one of these is to become a witness together with us of his resurrection. 1:23 And they stood up two, Joseph called Barsabbas, who was surnamed Justus and Matthias. 1:24 And having prayed, they said, You Lord, knower of the hearts of all, show which one out of these two you have chosen1:25 to receive the inheritance of this service and apostleship from which Judas transgressed, so asto travel on to his own place. 1:26 And they gave them their lots and the lot fell upon Matthias, and he was enumerated together with the eleven apostles.

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