Modern Literal Version
[1 Corinthians 4]

     4:1 So let a man count us as attendants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. 4:2 But furthermore, it is required in stewards, in order that someone should be found faithful. 4:3 But it isat the least concern to me, in order that I might be judged by youĎ or by a human judgment day. But I am not even judging myself. 4:4 For* I have been conscious of nothing in myself, but I have not been made righteous in this thing. But he who is judging me is the Lord. 4:5 So-then, doĎ not judge anything before the time, until the Lord should come, who will both be illuminating the hidden things of darkness and will be manifesting the plans of the hearts, and then the praise from God will happen for each.

     4:6 Now brethren, I fashioned these things to myself and Apollos because of youĎ; in order that youĎ may learn in us not to have a mindset to go beyond what has been written; in order that no one should be arrogant on behalf of one against the other. 4:7 For* who is making you the judge? But what do you have which you did not receive? But if you also received it, why are you boasting as having not received it? 4:8 Already youĎ are satisfied, already youĎ were enriched, youĎ reigned as kings without us, and yet, I wish-that youĎ did yet reign, in order that we also might reign together with youĎ. 4:9 For* I am thinking that God has showed us, the apostles, last of all, as men doomed to death, because we have become a spectacle to the world, both to messengers and men. 4:10 We are foolish because of Christ, but youĎare prudent in Christ. Weare weak, but youĎare strong. YouĎare glorious, but we are dishonored. 4:11 We are both hungry and thirsty, till the current hour, and are naked and are battered and are homeless; 4:12 and we are laboring, working with our own hands. Being reviled, we are speaking well of them; being persecuted, we are tolerating it; 4:13 being blasphemed, we are encouraging. We have become like the scums of the world, the garbage of all things, even until now.

     4:14 I am not writing these things to be embarrassing youĎ, but I am admonishing youĎ as my beloved children. 4:15 For*even if youĎ have ten thousand tutors in Christ, but youĎdo not havemany fathers, for* I fathered youĎ in Christ Jesus through the good-news. 4:16 Therefore I am encouraging youĎ. BecomeĎ imitators of me. 4:17 Because of this, I have sent Timothy to youĎ, who is my beloved and faithful child in the Lord, who will be reminding youĎ of my ways, theones in Christ, just-as I am teaching everywhere in every congregation*. 4:18 Now some were being arrogant as though I am not coming to youĎ. 4:19 But I will be coming to youĎ shortly, if the Lord wills, and I will know, not the speech of those who have been arrogant, but the power. 4:20For* the kingdom of God is not in speech, but in power. 4:21 What do youĎ wish? Should I come to youĎ with* a rod, or in love* and a spirit of meekness?

Modern Literal Version Preface & Appendix , copyright 1987, 1999, 2013 by G. Allen Walker for the MLV New Testament Committee.
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